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Answer these two questions in an Essay form no more than one full page of both questions, half page of each question:12 FontDouble spacedthe instructions will be bellow

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Review for Midterm II
The exam covers Ch. 11, 12, 13, 19, 20, 21, and 24. You need to bring your
financial calculator, ParScore form F-288 class notes and some tables.
You will have 25 t-f and multi-choice questions and two essay questions.
Ch11. Major Life insurance product, premature death, Decreasing term,
Universal life, variable life
Ch 12. Nonforfeiture options, beneficiaries, and death benefit distribution,
participation, settlement option and dividend options and PV, PMT, FV and
interest rate calculation
Ch 13. Methods to determine cost of life insurance; tax on life insurance
Ch 19. Comparative negligence and contributive negligence, Attractive
nuisance, Assumption of risk, punitive damage, dram shop law, imputed act,
and vicarious liability
Ch20. Types of HO policy with a focus on HO3, mortgagee clause,
replacement cost clause, face value and coinsurance calculation.
Ch21. Comprehensive personal liability coverage. Exclusions, definition on
insured in different coverage, Medical payment to others, Earthquake
Ch 24. ISO dwelling program, title insurance, FAIR plans
Ch 19. Explain the concept of imputed act. Assuming you are the training
manager you need to explain to an entry level agent trainee on how imputed
act could endanger the whole company.
Ch 11. Compare the difference between traditional and nontraditional life
insurance products by explaining the financial disintermediary.

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