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(TCO 5, 6) Identify and analyze the Third Russian Revolution of 1928-1929. Use historical examples to support your answer. In what ways was the Third Revolution as significant as the first two revolutions of 1917? How successful were Stalin s collectivization policies and the first Five-Year Plan by 1932-33?Compare and contrast German Nazism and Stalin’s Soviet Communism (Stalinism). What were the similarities and differences between these two political ideologies? Use historical examples to support your answer. Identify and describe two causes of the Second World War. Then analyze significant ways in which World War II changed the world. Make sure you use enough historical details to support your answer.(TCO 1, 2) Analyze how nationalism and imperialism contributed to the outbreak of World War I. Use historical examples to support your answer. Of the various causes of World War I, which do you think was the most important, and why?These only need to be short answers to answer the question.. no more than 200 words! I need it done within 1 hour and 30 minutesThanks!

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