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You have recently started working for a local department store in the
Operations Department. Upon settling into your new position, you come
to realize that they have outdated business practices. As a department,
you and your peers begin to discuss changes that your store could make
to help the store become more profitable and more competitive in the
marketplace. This leads to discussions about the evolution of business
practices at larger corporations such as Apple, Microsoft, Kohl’s, etc.
Partway through your discussion, your Director of Operations comes in
and joins the conversation. He likes what he is hearing and starts to
brainstorm out loud with the group how your store can get “more with
the times.”Knowing that every change within an organization is made for a
specific reason, your director asks that you research some of the key
theoretical perspectives that would explain how and why organizations
change. Because of your sociological prowess from your days in school,
you know that you can apply Conflict Theory and Symbolic Interaction
Theory to the reasons for organization change, but your supervisor has
asked for a minimum of three theories that would support change.In addition to conducting research on theoretical perspectives for
change, your supervisor would like you to put together some sort of
visual representation that demonstrates how each of the theories
explains organizational change, and then highlight the one that you
think is most applicable to your store. You will be presenting your
visual presentation to store management in an effort to provide them
information so that they can determine the avenues of change that are
most appropriate for your store. Because your supervisor sees the value
in the changes to the organization, he has encouraged you to create a
presentation that will grab the attention of the audience and that
includes both pictorial and written information so that all the audience
can easily envision the application of the change to your environment.For this presentation you are to reflect and address the following information/questions:Provide a brief definition of Conflict Theory.Provide a brief definition of Symbolic Interaction.What changes have been made in various aspects of society (work,
school, shopping, etc.)? Explain them through the lens of Conflict
Theory and Symbolic Interaction Theory.How do Conflict Theory and Symbolic Interaction Theory explain or impact organizational change?Identify at least one other sociological theory, and demonstrate how it applies to organizational change in our society.Of the three identified theories (Conflict, Symbolic Interaction,
and the theory of your choice), which theory do you believe best
explains organizational changes in our society? Consider various aspects
of the organizations that change i.e. technology, online, and
face-to-face transactions, local versus global operations, etc.

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