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•Interview someone who has immigrated to the U.S.from another country and works in an organization in the U.S. You can interview a person in your family, a friend, a co worker, etc.o Learn about the challenges that he/she faces: new language, customs,fitting in to the educational system, discrimination, etc. o Learn about his /her process of acculturation: what he/she has maintainedfrom the country of origin and what has been adopted from this culture. o Ask the interviewee in what ways he/she could have been better supported for this transition by the organization they work for.o Finally, based on the ideas that your interviewee suggested for bettersupport of immigrants, what are your recommendations for achievable strategies to support the acculturation of immigrants?o Provide a brief profile of this person (and a LinkedIn link if available)Format for Reportso Summarizing the information of the event you have attendedo Explaining why it is important and how it relates to you careero Discussing fully how this relates to what you are learning in this courseo 12 point font , double spaced and max 2 pages

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