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1. pick any four point, answer question.2. length sufficient enough to explain your resoning for each of the 4 questions.

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STAR Report – discussion question
1.What do you think are the most important pages in a Monthly STAR Report.
2.Create a possible procedure and order of steps to review a monthly Star Report.
3.Describe the pages the compare the subject hotel to industry data and explain the value of this
4.Describe the pages that compare the subject hotel to the comp set. What are all the various
metrics the can be analyzed?
5.Describe the response pages and the values of this information.
6.Describe how a hotel that is performing well (beating their comp set) can use the STAR Report to
look for areas of improvement.
7.Describe how a hotel that is significantly underperforming their comp set (being beaten) can use
the STAR report to improve their performance.
8.Describe the Segmentation and Additional Revenue pages in monthly Star Report and how they
could be use.

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