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3-5 minutes APA Style Outline Minimum of 3 references to be verbally cited (must appear on outline as well) Investigate the topic by researching, verbally citing a minimum of 3 different outside sources in your speech, and construct a well-organized presentation that has an effective introduction, a body with 3 main points, and a conclusion that effectively summarizes and closes. Each main point in the speech should incorporate a variety of supporting materials, some of which will come from your outside sources which need to be clearly cited to add credibility to your speech.

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I. Introduction
A. a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.
B. – Identify harmful habits and decide you want to change it
-Set reasonable goals
-Additional support/help
C. To have a “habit” is to have a certain way of life, whether it have a significant impact or a
minor influence. Most
individuals are victim to a bad habit and changing them into
something positive can be a real struggle.
II. Body
A. Identifying harmful habits and deciding to change them
1.Pinpoint the less productive parts of your day and recognize what is causing you to
2.While reflecting on your daily life you realize the things you do often and on a daily basis.
3.Being a procrastinator I’ve noticed that when i wake up late or do “fun” things before
getting what needs to
be done accomplished, it’s hard for me to get started on a serious
task. I must start with the essential.
B. Set Reasonable Goals
1.Start waking up an hour earlier and gradually add on time to expand the morning and get
more done.
2.Set aside a couple hours at the beginning of the day
3.Invest in a good planner and keep track of assignments/projects. Leave the planner
visible on a desk/table
as a constant reminder.
C. Seeking additional support/help.
1.Join a study group or meet up w classmates to do an assignments.
2.Hang out with people doing the same things that i’m doing or are going to push me to do
III. Conclusion
A. Habits create tendencies that influence your life in a positive and negative manners. Breaking
a bad habit can be
a serious struggle to some.
B. – Identify harmful habits and decide you want to change it
-Set reasonable goals
-Additional support/help

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