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You get to choose which qualitative method you would like to use to collect data and then conduct EITHER Intensive Interviews OR Observations.- You WILL be collecting data (i.e. either through intensive interviews or observations). -Your choice of qualitative method may be determined by your topic (and research question) or by the method that most interests you. -You also may choose to continue with the same topic you examined in Assignments #1 and #2 OR choose an entirely new topic.-Each option (intensive interview or observation) has its own set of guidelines so make sure you are following the appropriate guidelines. -There are guidelines below for Assignment #3 (Final paper) as well as the two shorter assignments that lead up to it: 1) Proposed topic and method and 2) Preliminary Field notes OR Interview notes.OBJECTIVES:CONDUCT either observations or intensive interviews in order to understand what is required to undertake qualitative research and, more specifically, how researchers collect and analyze qualitative data. -Develop your observational or interviewing skills.-Use qualitative research techniques to link recurrent themes that emerged in your data to concepts or theories in the sociological literature.How to FORMAT Assignment #3 (Final Paper):-Number each page NOT including the title page and reference page-All 3 assignments should be typed: Arial 12-point font, double-spaced, 1-inch margins-Use subheadings to identify each section of your paper (i.e. Introduction, Method, Summary, Analysis, Conclusion).-This assignment can be written in either in the 1st person or the 3rd person. For example, given by professor: o1st Person: I interviewed two homeless young adults who usually sleep in the Skid Row area of LA…o3rd Person: The most common type of cooperative behavior observed among young adults who live in Skid Row was…References should be listed on a separate page and formatted according to ASA Style. This page should be single-spaced and there should be one space in between each source. -Text citations should be formatted according to ASA Style.-Approximate length: 3-4 pages-WRITE CLEARLY AND PROOFREAD (check for typos as well as spelling and grammatical errors)

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