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**I am including Paper 1 and the link to the short story that was used for Paper 1. I am also providing the link for you to complete Paper 2. Thank you.**Short story used for Paper 1: One Christmas at Shiloh use this short story to write Paper 2: A Respectable Woman for Paper 2: How may a reader understand a common theme in two short stories? By writing this paper, you will answer this question and demonstrate the following skills for writing and literature: Analyze literature for a purposeDistinguish digital or print materials through annotation in order to demonstrate reading and summary skillsIdentify a common theme in two short storiesIdentify one to three examples from each story as evidence of the themeWrite a thesis statement that clearly identifies the titles of the stories, their authors, their common theme, and what the paper will discuss about the stories and the themeWrite clear topic sentences for paragraphs that inform the reader what the paragraph will discussDevelop paragraphs that support the topic sentencesOrganize a comparison and contrast paper by presenting paragraphs logically and effectively, using one of two methods for comparison and contrast: story-by-story or idea-by-ideaWrite sentences in Standard English that clearly express ideasDemonstrate correct use of MLA formatting within the paper and on a Works Cited pageExplain your writing process clearly and coherently Overview of the Workshop Format for Paper 2 Paper 2, You will be developing a comparison/contrast paper that focuses on bringing in appropriate material from Paper 1 and your two chosen stories. Thesis Statement and Outline. Your thesis statement should identify both stories and the theme. You will work on the thesis, pattern of organization, and outline. Topic sentences for the outline will be reviewed, and you will also be applying the critical reading skills you’ve been developing throughout the course.Development. Paragraphs of the body of the paper will focus on analyzing how literary elements in each story exemplify the common theme. During the discussions, you will review the following writing strategies to develop your paper, paragraphs for which are more complex because two stories (instead of one) are compared/contrasted to develop and present your ideas.development of body paragraphs that include strong topic sentences and transitions that set up comparison/contrast of the two stories and their shared themedevelopment and management of signal phrases when using multiple sources in writing inclusion of claims and evidence that help to develop your argumentusing keywords and quotations as development techniquesSentence Level and MLA. Your writing should be carefully proofread for sentence-level concerns. It should be formatted and documented according to MLA style in the form of parenthetical citations and a Works Cited page. Throughout the writing of Paper 2, you will be applying grammatical and documentation skills you learned from Paper 1.Reminder: As in Paper 1, remember that your reader has read the stories and is familiar with them. Extensive summary is not useful. Rather, analyze and explain how selected literary elements from the two stories illustrate the theme and support your thesis.Reflection: Include within the same document as the paper itself a few paragraphs (three to four) describing your writing process, including what you learned about writing in moving from Paper 1 to Paper 2.Word Count:750-1,000 words (Paper 2)three-four paragraphs (Reflection)

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Enduring love and morality
Religion, beliefs, perceptions and values play significant roles in shaping the society.
It is notable that people behave in a particular way because of their values and perceptions as
well as the influence of the religion. This paper analyzes the theme of religion and morality in
the short story, One Christmas at Shiloh by Dunbar Paul Laurence. Enduring love has the
capacity not only to change a particular individual’s ways of life but also to influence other
people’s perceptions, beliefs and moral uprightness.
The theme of religion and morality is apparent from one of the main characters,
Martha Maria Mixon who described herself as a “wider lady” in many instances when
questioned about her status in life. As demonstrated by Mixon, her religion made it possible
for her to maintain good morals and conduct towards her husband Madison who was not
upright and as his wife, she used to “lectuah dat man much ‘bout his onshifless ways.” The
story demonstrates that Mixon continued to respect and love her husband despite his abuse.
Madison “had never been no count even befo de wah.” As such, Madison had nothing to offer
for the family. With her good morals received from the church, Maria treated her husband
with love. Maria knew that love endures everything and that one day Madison would become
a man and love her.
It is because of religion that Maria learned how to mingle and respect other people.
From the south, Mixon had learnt a lot from the witnessed acts of slavery. Firstly, Mixon
understood that handwork, care and being industrious forms part of life. It is through religion
that Maria did not attempt to exploit others despite the endurance of slavery. Maria learns
how to work for the community. Notably, the religion influences the moral values of Mixon
not only to her husband in the south but also to the community in the north. For this reason,
she becomes an active member in the religious group at Shiloh.
The morality aspect is evident from how Mixon handles the church matters, the
preacher and the guests in the chapel at Shiloh. For instance, when asked by the preacher to
help in the prepartions of the Christmas, Sister Marthy, as known by the congregation,
Maxion willingly volunteered passionately and with humility. According to a recent study,
religion is a critical element of the society that help people develop good morals. Although
Mixon described herself as “widder lady,” she would at one time become one of the most
respected church members to a point of being the closest friend of the pastor. The change of
morality could not be expected but religion realized it.
Besides Mixon, the religion played a significant role in ensuring that Madison became
a respectable man and husband as well as a worth member of the community. It is through the
teachings of the church and the acceptance by the simple man of God, reveled Silas that
Madison changed from his old ways in the society to a respectable man. As demonstrated by
the story, Madison lived long away from his wife Martha Mixon. However, with the
acceptance by the reverend Silas, Madison made some resolutions to change and reunite with
the wife. As such, Madison revealed his desires to become a morally upright man. According
a survey, the perceptions of the people on life changes with the moral changes (McKay &
Harvey 447). In light of this, Madison claims that he would change for the better of the
society, in addition, the religion demonstrates that many people have claimed love and good
morals because of the love and humility experienced and witnessed by the members of the
church. Because of the religious affiliation and love, Mixon is ready to forgive her husband
Madison. It is also a fact that, despite the fact that Shiloh was a simple church, Mixon was
happy to work for the church with love. The change of morality is significant for the society.
The One Christmas at Shiloh demonstrates that religion changes morality and social
responsibility among the people as depicted by the reunion of Mixon and Madison.
McKay, Ryan, and Harvey Whitehouse. “Religion and morality.” Psychological bulletin 141.2 (2015):

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