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5 short answer questions about history specifically roman empire and punic wars

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Short answer topics:
1. Discuss Roman civilization before the
creation of the Roman Empire (i.e., Rome
before 27 B.C.). Who were the Etruscans?
What contributions did the Etruscans make
to the evolution of Roman civilization? Why
did the early Romans establish a republican
form of government? What were the
principal structures of that government?
2. What factors caused the Punic Wars?
What effect did the Punic Wars have on
Roman expansionism? What was the
geographical extent of Roman expansion by
146 B.C.? What effects did expansion have
on the evolution of Roman civilization?
3. Describe the historical importance of
Julius Caesar—his accomplishments and his
assassination. How did his rise to power
shape Roman culture and the future of
Roman control over the Mediterranean
4. What characterized the Roman Republic
vs. the Principate? (political, geographic
organization, regulation, morality, etc.)
What reforms does Augustus enact? Are
they effective?
5. How did Christianity develop and spread
as a religious movement? How did the
relationship between Christianity and the
Roman state change over time? How did this
movement transform the Mediterranean
world? What effects did the reforms of
Diocletian and then Constantine have?

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