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You have already selected strategies to implement for the company you
chose. In a brief 2-3 page paper, describe what should be done to foster
successful implementation of your chosen strategies. Be sure to examine
both people and organizational considerations.Apa- Cite References- I Have attached my previous paper so you have an idea of what company this should be about (Sears)

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Sears Holding Co.- Strategy Selection
List of strategic objectives for Sears Holding Co.
Strengthening the online presence and Information Technology infrastructure.
The introduction of the internet has greatly changed the way retail business was
conducted in the past. Advancement in Information Technology has greatly disrupted the
retail operations of the Sear Holding since it most customer prefers online shopping. The
company needs to heavily invest in Information Technology infrastructure to support
online shopping which supports the same-day delivery of products in order to meet
customer demands. These infrastructures should be flexible in order to support access
from multiple platforms such as personal computers and mobile phones which have
become popular shopping tools for the majority of customers. The company needs to
invest more in Big Data, predictive business analytics, and mobile solutions in order to
offer effective services to the customers. Currently, most of the purchases made by
customers are influenced online hence strong online presence will play a key role in
improving the operation of the company. A strong online presence will also enable the
company to effectively compete with its rivals such as Amazon and Target who sells
most of its products and services via online platforms.
Use Sears Holding’s strong retail presence throughout the world to access
increases its customers base across the globe. The company has a strong retail presence in
both the USA and Canada where it operates over 4000 retail stores through Sears and
Kmart. Sears Holding also needs to take advantage of its subsidiaries such as the Kmart,
Roebuck & Co., Sears, KCD IP, Shop Your Way and MetaScale to reach and access
more customers worldwide. Taking advantage of the worldwide retail presence and its
subsidiaries will enable the company to acquire more customers in which in turn will
increase their sales.
Reduce competition threat through the introduction of new and flexible products.
The company should also offer customer-oriented products that are designed to meet their
demands and follows the current customer trends. The company offers a wide range of
products which will it easier for its design and offer products that follow the customer
spending trends. High-quality products will help the company to effectively compete with
its main competitors in the market. Offering high-quality products will also play an
important role in ensuring customers are confident of the company’s products and
Improve financial planning. The company needs to improve its financial plan in
order to improve the liquid asset ratio and the current asset ratio. An effective and
efficient financial planning will ensure the company does not experience major financial
problems in the future as it experienced a few years back. For example, poor financial
plan in 2011 saw the company’s revenue drop by $341 million and also made a loss of $
170 million in the same year.
Use the highly skilled workforce to improve the overall performance of Sears
Holding. Sears Holding has invested heavily in training its workforce. The company
should effectively utilize this workforce to improve the performance of its retails stores
which are closing due to low performance. It should also utilize the workforce to gain
consumer confidence through the improvement of their customer service hence guarantee
customer satisfaction and retention.
Improve economic forecasting. The company needs to improve its economic forecasting
techniques in order to predict future economic fluctuations that may negatively affect its
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