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“Evolution and Population Dynamics” Note: Online students please respond to one (1) of the following three (3) bulleted options:An adaptation is a characteristic of a population that develops over
time that proves beneficial to that population in surviving and
reproducing in a new habitat.
Describe one (1) adaptation that modern humans have made that might
not have been shared by our distant ancestors but that allows us to
survive and reproduce better in our current habitat. Provide at least
one (1) reason as to why you chose that adaptation in your response.Next take a stance in regards to the following question: “Do you
agree that humans are still evolving through natural selection?” If so,
what sort of adaptations might be beneficial to our future generations?
If you don’t agree, provide a response that supports your rationale.
Population distribution can be random, uniform, or clustered. In
your own words, describe one (1) characteristic that helps define the
distribution pattern of the human population in the United States. Next,
decide whether or not you believe this pattern is optimum, from an
environmental perspective; then, suggest two (2) ways that we could
change our population distribution to make it even less environmentally
damaging.Describe, in general terms, the ecological succession from a new
rock outcrop to an old growth forest; then, provide responses to the
following questions:
Read the article titled Ecological Balance,
then determine whether or not you believe that there is a correlation
between ecological succession conflicts and the concept of ecological
balance. Justify your response.Propose two (2) ways humans can enhance ecological balance. Next, of
the two ways you provided, which method do you believe would be most
impactful in enhancing the ecological balance? Justify your response.

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