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All–Following up on our 3/18 class on blogs, vlogs, podcasts, and webinars, here are instructions for our blog assignment.Blog Assignment. You are responsible for writing a blog on any topic of your choosing. Topics can include digital marketing, what you’ve learned about social media marketing, a personal story that has shaped who you are as a student/professional, advice you would give to incoming Miami students or to yourself when you were younger, a professor you’ve learned from. Your blog will be published on your LinkedIn account as a LinkedIn published article. If you have your own blog site where you wish to publish, please contact me for approval.Blog posts should include:400–1,000 words in lengthA compelling titleUse of relevant keywords, images and hyperlinksIt should be original, well-crafted and well-informedHint: research tips for writing a good blog postYour deliverable will be a link to the published post.

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