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You have now spent a great amount of time looking at how others construct writing and working on your own writing. For this reflection essay, you will write a analysis of your own reading and writing. Look at your purposes for reading and writing. What are they? Have you accomplishedthem? What evidence can you provide to show your accomplishments in yourpurposes? How do you deal with audience in reading and writing? When you are looking at writinga project, how do you choose an audience and then accommodate for them? Whatchoices have you made in your essays (show examples) that show you understand how to accommodate for an audience? Provide evidence and discuss it. Think about the ideas of conversation in reading and writing. How do you createconversation between yourself and the texts you’ve written beyond this class? How do you create conversation among sources and yourself in your own writing?What were the larger contexts or conversations that you were entering? How and whydid you do this? What did you add, and were you successful? Finally, what did you want to get from these semesters? Did you get it? Did you learn toexpress yourself the way you wish, and did you learn how to understand thewriting of others? In what ways has this class prepared you for future classes andinteracting with texts of your life? How do you use others’ texts, now? What isthe purpose of reading and writing for you?You may not answer all these questions, but make sure that you do complete a full analysis of your work as a whole over these past two semesters, who you are as a reader and writer, and the strategies you use to produce writing. Logistics:3-5 pages, MLA formattingMust include quotes from your own writing.I uploaded my writing below


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Ruben Cortez
Eng 5B
Professor Hughes
Student athletes should maintain a 3.0 GPA
“​107 players left eligibility on the table​. That figure easily outpaces the 84 who
left early last year and narrowly breaks the previous record of 102 set in 2014”
(Williams). Each year more and more student athletes are leaving college before they
even graduate. This stat is just from the D1 football players in our country. This is why
student athletes should maintain a 3.0 or higher due to the fact they are leaving college
and relying on their athletic ability to make them money instead of having an education
as a backup.
Student athletes should be held to a higher standard. Students or an individual
who attends a high school, college, or any type of school should be held to a higher
standard. Athletes are individuals who participate in organized sports. Although athletes
are viewed as superior to the average student. Being a student comes first, before
being an athlete that’s why it’s called an student-athlete. A 3.0 GPA is a B or better
average. High School only requires an 2.0 and that’s a C average. Some Colleges
requires you to maintain an 1.8 or higher which is about a C average. Even though
some might believe that student athletes are superior and better than the typical
student. When they are both in the classroom they have the same opportunity to learn
and they are equal, and that’s how it should be.
Although athletes have more on their plate, student athletes should maintain a
3.0. Even though athletes get all this praise on how athletic they are, instead they need
to worry about classroom stuff such as, essays, midterms, homework, and finals. They
are student athletes competing with other student athletes across america. There are
student athletes that leave college early, the ones that stay need to work harder in the
classroom by having a 3.0 GPA or better.
Student athletes graduation rates have been rising. “The NCAA also said that in
the 15 years the NCAA has been tracking the GSR, the rate for black men’s players has
gone from 46 percent to 77 percent” (Bilas). 15 years ago the graduation rate was a 46
percent that means more than half of student athletes did not graduate. Graduation
rates for student athletes are rising due to the fact of a combination of all kinds of
different things such as: lower GPA requirements, lower standards in the class, athletes
being catered too. Also coaches, teachers, and staff members cheating for the student
athletes. It matters because the average student is held to a higher standard, required
to maintain higher gpa, and they don’t get no assistance from teachers, coaches, or
students that have a 3.0 or better are second class to the first class student
athletes. Student athletes are popular people because they play sports. The teachers
favorite students that are athletes. You think it would be the students that do their work
but it’s not. The athletes are their favorite students because teachers are always helping
them. By doing extra teaching for them or even giving them more credit then what they
deserve. “Many potentially good students become discouraged about trying for
academic excellence because the big rewards of popularity and status go to athletics
and cheerleaders” (Schafer). In today’s era kids that get discouraged or feel second to
an athlete. Could try to find a way to deal with the burden of always being behind or
second to an athlete by doing drugs or even worse, it can cause depression and much
more. It’s a real mind twister that someone can view someone better than another
individual, we are all human and should be equal. God made us the way we are for a
reason and no one should feel that they are less than another person.
Student athletes maintaining a 3.0 should not use excuses and cop outs in the
classroom nor should they get extensions. Student athletes will just handle their stuff
and find time to deal with there school work. Instead of trying to say that they’re to tired
or something along that extent. “Finding ways to help them cope with the burdens
placed on them” (Stone). They are referring to student athletes. At this level of
schooling, there should be no sympathy. Student athletes knew what they were getting
themselves into when they agreed to go to college. Student athletes are just trying to
find ways out of the work and manipulate the system. Some students that play sports
might say that sports take away from schooling. “Sports demand so much time, energy
and concentration from the athletes and gives them so much prestige compared to their
studies that their school work must inevitably suffer” (Schafer). Sports are a privilege not
a priority and student athletes need to see that and understand it. School should come
1st over everything. Athletes are using sports as a cop out and they use the excuse that
they don’t have time but if they were serious about their education, they will make time.
Student athletes are getting their school paid for so they need to stop with the cop outs
and excuses and find a way to get there work done. There are a lot of non student
athletes that will love to have their schooling paid for.
College professors and coaches cheat for student athletes so they can have a
2.0 to be eligible. You are in college, not highschool anymore. It’s mind boggling that a
college student can fail a class and be okay with that. Because they believe that they
are better than the regular students standing right beside them. Coaches allow this type
of stuff to go on because they are worried about sports first and not school. “The
University of Georgia had changed Grades and bent rules so students athletes in
remedial academic courses could remain eligible to compete” (William). This is
outrageous changing grades to make kids eligible. If student athletes requirements were
raised higher and they were pushed in the classroom, they wouldn’t need the teachers
to change grades if they were forced to have a 3.0 GPA, they would have to dedicate
more time into the classroom. It’s not an overnight process though. We need teachers
and coaches to be more accountable and push the student athletes more in the
classroom. In the same article, “An English instructor told how a football player was
allowed to remain in a remedial program an extra quarter because, faculty members
were told, he had scored the winning touchdown against the cross-state rival Georgia
Tech” (William). They gave this kid an extra quarter of a semester because of what he
did on a football field but not because of what he did in a classroom. This is taking a
spot away from a kid that wants to do better and get a degree, this student athlete is
obviously putting athletics before school and the kids that deserve a chance are not
getting one because of people that think school is beneath them. To further explain
more from the same article, “Another professor testified that a football player who had
failed a sociology class had his grade changed, over the teachers protest, from an F to
a C” (William). It’s just amazing that an professor would just change a grade to let a
student athlete become eligible. That student did not deserve to be part of a team nor in
the school, he is taking a spot away from a more qualified student. That’s why student
athletes should be held to maintain a 3.0 instead of an 2.0 and 1.8 in some situations.
They go to college to excel there learning, not to put it second to a sport cause if that
sport don’t work out you’ll have an education to get you through life.
Students athletes accepting money to attend a college. This situation only
happens when you have a special kinda athlete that’s probably around a 2.0 GPA
student but is so talented they wanna recruit him at all means even if it means breaking
the rules. It’s just outrageous and something needs to be done. Jay Bilas in the article
Until the NCAA solves the money problem and pays athletics it’s problems will continue
it states, “Coaches will not be able to pay players. Now, thanks to federal law
enforcement officials, college sports will be clean and mora” (Bilas). This new law
should prevent this crisis of paying athletes. There pay should be the fact that they get
to go to college for free and get an education. This law seems like it will handle this
manipulative system. in the same article arthur states, “Money will always find a way,
because the NCAA and its member institutions are addicted to money and will continue
to chase it” (Bilas). It’s money that ruins good things. Money makes people greedy. It’s
sickening to sit back and watch all these young talented athletes be greedy over money.
Do you see a regular student wanting money to just attend a school, no of course not.
They go to college to succeed at the highest level. It’s the world we live in but if we do
something like make these athletes maintain a 3.0 that will make them wiser and
hopefully more grateful of an free education that college coaches are trying to give to
them. Instead of them just being so money greedy.
Student athletes are careless of school while regular students see it and view
themselves differently. Students cherish school and their education and put it first
before sports or anything else. Students will go further in life because they will have an
education. Which will most likely turn into a high school diploma and hopefully a degree
in whatever they decide to pursue a career in. In the Article Should School Sports
Require Students to Have Good Grades by Chris Blake, states, “When talented athletes
are leaving college early to pursue professional contracts worth millions. Doing well in
school is sometimes put on the back burner” (Should School Sports). School is a
privilege that these athletes are blowing it off. When they retire or suffer a career ending
injury they won’t have any degree or education to fall back on. Then they will go from
living the good life to working a crappy job. That don’t pay good and they will be living
paycheck to paycheck. It’s mind boggling that these athletes don’t think some choices
through, they just do what sounds good at the moment and don’t think about the long
term effect. The athletes might think there ‘stuff don’t stink’ and think that student are
beneath them. Arthur Walter E. Schafer and J. Michael Armer in the article Athletes Are
Not Inferior Students states, “The serious student may actually be ridiculed as a
‘square’” (Schafer). A student that uses his brain to make him money and not his
physical talent is a smart man. To focus on schooling to better his future is a wise man
as well. A serious student will have a fall back plan or a 2nd option that he or she can
use if they ever get into a sticky situation. The student that’s serious and graduates will
have a bright future and be successful in life.
Having a 3.0 GPA will help student athletes be better equipped for college and in
life. Student athletes would handle the pressure of school and athletics better. Doing
both is like having two full time jobs and in this case one takes away from another. Jeff
Stone, the Arthur of Hidden Toxicity In The Term “Student-Athlete” states, “College
athletes face certain pressures that most traditional college students do not.
Understanding the nature of these pressures, examining how they affect the
performance of college athletes in the classroom” (STONE ). This shows that people
know that college athletes struggle. Student athletes probably weren’t superior students
when they were in highschool and breezed through due to the fact they are an athlete
and now they pay the price in college. Also teachers might have curved their grades or
might of bent the rules in favor of the athletes to help them stay eligible. If teachers help
bend rules for athletes then maybe that’s the real reason why college athletes are
getting into colleges and then do bad in college. Then in the same article the author
further elaborate on some more points like, “Which Characterizers athletes as less
intelligent, motivated, or prepared for college courses than traditional student” (STONE )
Typically athletes are less intelligent, less motivated, and less prepared because they
think they are superior and higher than everyone else. Or maybe just expect the special
treatment from everyone because they are simply just athletes. Which is very unfair to a
student who don’t play sports but is not doing so well and struggling. Do teachers and
staff members give the typical student the same treatment as they would if that student
was an athlete? It’s unfair to regular student. student athletes should be treated the
same as regular students in all honesty. Isn’t our generation really big on equality? Well
this is far from equality and we need to do something about it.
Student athletes should maintain a 3.0 gpa in school​ ​so they can actually learn
about what their are majoring in. They can have better jobs once they graduate and be
financially stable. So they can have a backup plan if they go pro and things don’t end up
working out. They can have something to fall back on like there education. They won’t
have to be struggling if there pro career don’t turn out to be what it was set out to be.
Everyone can have a plan but, when that doesn’t work out, It’s how you bounce back
and proceed in life that makes people who they are. In a article titled, Academic
standards need to be raised, not lowered for student-athletes by ​Aubrey, Bruce​, it
states, “​ Notre Dame or any other institution would not have to jump through hoops and
lower their academic standards to achieve athletic excellence” (Bruce). Big schools to
little school all try to be the best in sports and will do anything for an championship in
any sport. It’s sad that all these school priorities sports and not education. It’s very sad
and it surreal. I wish that one day universities and all schools care about their students
well being after sports to make them ready for the real world.
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Cortez 1
Ruben Cortez
English 5B
Racial Discrimination
Do you know the difference between fake and real news. One of the most
trendy things happening in today’s world is fake new. People just putting
information out there that’s not true. Some are easy to tell, others are not so easy to
tell that an article is not reliable or real news. Some might have a little bit of the
truth but also have a lot of fake news. Thats why its always a good idea to do
further research and have a little tool called rhetorical analysis. In the article Arrest
a student after he doesn’t say the pledge? Arrest the teacher instead by Roxanne
Jones. Her intended audience is the black and hispanic community. Due to the fact
a student did not stand for the pledge of allegiance. She is a media executive and
talk show host. she an editor for ESPN Magazine and a former vice president of
ESPN. she also writes quite often for CNN Opinion. Although she is involved with
sports and ESPN she writes about interesting topics that are going on in the world.
Therefore her article In the article Arrest a student after he doesn’t say the pledge?
Cortez 2
Arrest the teacher instead. Is a really opinion based article which she does a really
great job on putting society and America as a whole on blast. By putting a spotlight
on the racial issues in America.
The American flag has represented freedom and unity for centuries. The flag
has been there through all the wars and battles in American History. Its one of the
most respected and honorable pieces of cloth in America. The American Flag has
been around for 200 years. Yes, it has evolved and became different due to the fact
we have added states to our country through the years. Although it has changed the
meaning behind it has always stayed the same. All through our educational years,
from preschool to senior year. Every morning you say the Pledge of Allegiance.
You stand and put your right hand over your heart and say, “I pledge allegiance to
the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands,
one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all”. Every public
school is spouse to recite the pledge of allegiance to American flag.
Kids in school are too young to fully understanding what the pledge of
allegiance actually means. It was fully created in 1954 when slavery was still going
on. The first twelve words in the Pledge states, “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of
Cortez 3
the United States of America”. Taking a closer look at what those first twelve
words are saying is that you are promising your loyalty to the flag of the United
States of America and what it stands for. Well when this was written slavery was
still very much alive, and they treated colored folks with not one bit of respect. The
pledge was written way back when America wasn’t the greatest place to be if you
were colored. Therefore that pledge was written with the knowledge of knowing
that there is slavery going on. So the pledge is basically saying that slavery was
In the article, Arrest a student after he doesn’t say the pledge? Arrest the
teacher instead, by Roxanne Jones. It states, “a growing sentiment shared by black
and brown people of all ages, who are increasingly disillusioned by America’s
empty promises and pledges of ‘liberty and justice for all.’” What I believe she is
trying to emphasize here is that American has empty promises as a country. How
America says you have freedoms and laws but for colored folks it feels like they
are deprived of these rights. With all the news stories about white cops beating or
shooting a colored person and the cops getting away with it. She has brought a
great deal of attention to the fact that colored people are getting treated as 2nd class
citizens compared to white folks.In that same article it also states, “She instead
Cortez 4
chose to be a bully: arguing with the boy, essentially telling him if you don’t like it
here, you can always go back to where you came from”. The teacher had many
different options to diffuse the issue of the boy sitting down for the pledge. She
could have simply just ignored the kid and kept her opinions to herself. Maybe
even have an educat …
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