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All forms of renewable energy are “in the news” today. It is not difficult to find discussions on refuse to energy, solar, wind, biomass, hydro, geothermal, hydrogen and even others (surprise me if you can). We live in a world today where there is no turning back to the sole use of fossil fuels. Renewable energy development is in our future, but still with advantages and disadvantages. Feel free to explore the environmental aspects of renewable energy at will.Direction: Research and read articles, books, etc. that you find about an environmental topic related to renewable energy. You can use any reputable peer reviewed source with proper referencing using APA standards. Concentrate on the environmental aspects of the topic and bringing attention to problem areas but do not neglect any social, business and political overlap. This Assignment is to be completed and turned in by the end of Module 11. Late Papers will receive an appropriate grade penalty.For this assignment, prepare a paper on an environmental topic related to energy. This will be an information paper, which includes a description of the topic, a discussion of the topic as it relates to the Course Learning Outcomes and a summary or conclusion. See the Instructor if you have any questions about your topic choice prior to drafting your paper.Use the library system, Internet, etc. to find news articles, databases or other reference material.Paper will be typed, double-spaced, with proper sentence and paragraph structure, one-inch margins, spell checked, grammar checked and at least 750 words.Outline for the Paper will be:TITLESTUDENT NAME, EVR 1001, DATEDESCRIPTION OF THE TOPICDISCUSSION OF THE TOPIC AS RELATED TO COURSE OBJECTIVESSUMMARY/CONCLUSIONREFERENCESRequires at least 3 references.Must include all references used, and especially identify references to direct quotes. Use APA standard reference format.A note about the use of Wikipedia. If you use this website and reference it, then you must have at least one other reference that corroborates the information.Please make sure you have not copied and pasted any information directly from any source; that is considered plagiarism. You will receive a zero for any assignments that contain information that is plagiarized from any sources. You may use some direct quotes but they should be in quotation marks and properly referenced.

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