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[My state: Florida] [My county: Collier, FL]1. Calculate the average annual wage (payroll/number of employees) by industry for 1990 and 2000 either through Country Business Patterns ( or find weekly wages by industry from the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages ( from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. What industries consistently pay higher wages in your state? Adjust the data for inflation using a CPI Index from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.2. For your county and either your state or an adjacent county:a. Determine the net migration rate between 1990 and 2000. Using population figures for 1990 and 2000 from the census, find the population change. Sum the yearly birth and death data for your county from 1990 to 1999 from data provided by your state’s department of health.b. Find average wage and salary disbursements from the Bureau of Economic Analysis CA 30 Regional Economic Profiles data for 1990 and 2000. Adjust the data for inflation using a CPI Index from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.c. How is your city’s quality of life in such rankings as Places Rated Almanac and Sperling’s Best Places?d. From your state’s department of education, find out how schools in your city rank on standardized test scores compared to surrounding schools and the overall state’s averages?e. Compare the tax collections of your region per $1000 of personal income from the Census of Government or a taxpayer’s association in your state. Find the effective property tax rate for your county from your state’s department of revenue.f. Has the median age of your county’s population changed between 1990 and 2000?g. Explain the net migration trend to or from your county with these statistics.3. If a large firm were to locate in your county, would it have a labor supply problem?a. What is the labor force participation rate for your county? What is your unemployment rate? (The labor force figures are under Local Area Unemployment Statistics, Using data from the MCD/County-To-MCD/County Worker Flow Files, in the Journey to Work and Place of Work data sets (, determine from where people commute to your county to work and to where people in your county commute to work. What is the average travel time to work for workers in your county (From the QT-P23; SF-3 data from the census)?Note: my textbook has been attached, please use the Chapter 10 as a reference.

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Š :g Az” A ! )!‡2 ^dg—_A:QA gJ ‡p A!:‡YAA‡8 )” YA !2–A‡ )AdAK
‡”:Ad‡ )™ Q–dQ YAb ! pA ‡pA2–A gJ —Y! b!^A‡ YA ‡pA2K2 AQgd‡
”dz”Au YA A˜A 2‡A gd A‡b!dQ ‡g2!_ —A_J! A d:2!g ‡ d Y!pA jj
p g–:A‡ ‡”:Ad‡ —Y )gY YA Az”!gd‡ Jg YA d:2!g ‡ !d: !d :A! gJ
Yg— g dA p A YAbu YA A) ‡A Jg YA A˜)gg^ —__ d2_”:A ”p:!A:
_d^‡ g YA :!! ‡g” 2A‡ ! YA 2g”d™ !d: ‡!A _A–A_‡u
g” ‡A‡ Y! Jg2”‡ p b! _™ gd ” )!d A2gdgb2‡ —__ )AdAK bg A J gb YA
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d–A ‡™8 —Yg” —Ygb Y‡ )gg^ —g”_: dg )A pg‡‡)_Au !_‡g Y!d^
!!_A  Y! Jg p g–:dQ YA bA2”_g”‡ __”‡ !gd‡ Jg YA A˜)gg^ !d:
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AQgd!_ !d: ” )!d A2gdgb2‡ !d: A2gdgb2 :A–A_gpbAd gp2‡8 !‡ —A__ !‡
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—YA A ‡YA Y!‡ !”QY 2g” ‡A‡ d AQgd!_ !d: ” )!d A2gdgb2‡ Jg b!d™
™A! ‡u YA 2” Ad_™ : A2‡ YA !‡A gJ 2Ad2A  gQ !b d pp_A:
2gdgb2‡ ! YA ”d–A ‡™u YA !_‡g Y!‡ )AAd ! –‡dQ p gJA‡‡g ! YA
Ap! bAd gJ pp_A: 2gdgb2‡ ! YA d–A ‡™ gJ ddA‡g! !d: ! YA
d–A ‡A” g”_g”‡A d g”_g”‡A8  !d2Au
! ™ u :—! :‡ —!‡ p A‡:Ad gJ YA ddA‡g! 2gdgb2‡ ‡‡g2!gd !d:
Y!‡ ‡A –A: gd YA )g! : gJ Y! !‡‡g2!gdu YA Y!‡ !_‡g )AAd d–g_–A: —Y
YA ddA‡g! 2gdgb2 A–A_gpbAd AdA !d: YA 2gdgb2‡ A‡A! 2Y
d‡”A ! u _g”: !A d–A ‡™8 !d: ! bAb)A gJ YA A‡A! 2Y
gbbAA Jg u _g”:  A! 2gdgb2 A–A_gpbAd ! dA ‡Ypu YA
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g”‡gd8 u
Q” A ju‘ ” gpA‚‡ _”A !d!d! !d: YA 2g A‡pgd:dQ ggbA !dQu
Q” A juO )_A A_u
Q” A juL g d!:g __A™u
Q” A “uj  2A[:‡!d2A J”d2gd !d: :Ab!d: J”d2gdu
Q” A “u“  2A[:‡!d2A J”d2gd‡ !d: :Ab!d: —YAd YA b__ r‡g As p 2A
Q” A “u‘  2A[:‡!d2A J”d2gd‡ !d: :Ab!d: —YAd  !d‡pg  2g‡‡
Q” A “uO  2A[:‡!d2A J”d2gd !d: A_!‡2™ gJ :Ab!d:u
Q” A “uL d‡!)_A b! ^A ! A!‡ Jg ! :”gpg_™u
Q” A “u‹ ! ^A ! A!‡ Jg ! :”gpg_™ ”d:A ! pA JA2_™ dA_!‡2 :Ab!d:u
Q” A “uŠ ! ^A ! A! Jg ! bgdgpg_™ —YAd :Ab!d: Y!‡ ! _b p 2Au
Q” A “uB ! ^A ! A!‡ Jg :”gpg_‡‡ —YAd YA :Ab!d: 2” –A‡ Y!–A !
_b p 2Au
Q” A “ue Ab!d: 2” –A‡ Jg ! :”gpg_™ —YAd gdA Y!‡ YQYA  !d‡pg 

Q” A “ujœ
g— Y AA K b‡ A_g2!A g ‡Y! A YA b! ^Au
Q” A “ujj ”gpg_™ —YAd gdA K b _g—A ‡ ‡ p 2Au
Q” A “uj“  2A ‡Y!:dQu
Q” A ‘uj A –!gd gJ z”!d™[:‡!d2A J”d2gdu
Q” A ‘u“ Ab!d: 2gdAu
Q” A ‘u‘ ! ^A ! A!‡ gJ ‡p!!_ bgdgpg_‡‡u
Q” A ‘uO –A _!ppdQ b! ^A ! A!‡ gJ —g ‡p!!_ bgdgpg_‡‡u
Q” A ‘uL –g_”gd gJ 2 2”_! b! ^A ! A!‡ dg YA˜!Qgd!_ b! ^A ! A!‡u
Q” A ‘u‹
gdA™2gb) gJ _gdQ[ ”d Az”_) ”b b! ^A ! A!‡u
Q” A ‘uŠ Y A‡Yg_: b! ^A ! A! Jg ! ‡p!!_ bgdgpg_‡u
Q” A ‘uB –A _!ppdQ b! ^A ! A!‡ Jg Y AA :JJA Ad d:”‡ A‡u
Q” A ‘uj !p gJ :!b‡–__A !d: ‡” g”d:dQ bdg 2–_ :–‡gd‡u
Q” A ‘u“ dg 2–_ :–‡gd‡ —Yd YA  !:A ! A! Jg :!b‡–__Au
Q” A Ouj Y AA ‡gz”!d‡u
Q” A Ou“ ‡g2g‡ 2” –Au
Q” A Ou‘ ‡g2g‡ 2” –A !d: ‡gz”!d b!p ‡Yg—dQ ! K b‚‡ Az”_) ”bu
Q” A OuO A‡g” 2A ”‡A )!‡A: gd _g2!gdu
Q” A OuL gdQ[ ”d !–A !QA 2g‡ 2” –Au
Q” A Ou‹ g2!gd g Ad!gd 2Y! u
Q” A OuŠ gdQ[Y!”_ A2gdgbA‡u
Q” A OuB g!_  !d‡pg  2g‡‡u
Q” A Oueu  b _g2!gd gd dgd_dA! g”A‡u
Q” A Luj A JA2_™ 2gbpA–A K b d _gdQ[ ”d Az”_) ”bu

Q” A Lu“ bpA JA2 2gbpAg —Y dg b!_ p gKu
Q” A Lu‘ A2Yd2!_ !–A !QA 2g‡ !d: g!_ !–A !QA 2g‡ 2” –A‡ gJ bpA JA2
2gbpAg u
Q” A ‹uj  2A :‡2 bd!gdu
Q” A ‹u“ A JA2 :‡2 bd!g ™ ‡p!!_ p 2dQ !d: Jugu)u b__ p 2dQ
p!A d‡u
Q” A ‹u‘ dJg b :A_–A A: p 2dQ !d: Jugu)u b__ p 2dQ p!A d‡u
Q” A ‹uO
p!A d‡u
gd!_ p 2dQ8 ‡p!!_ p 2A :‡2 bd!gd8 !d: Jugu)u b__ p 2dQ
Q” A ‹uL !‡dQ[pgd p 2dQu
Q” A ‹u‹  g:”2A !d: 2gd‡”bA ‡” p_”‡u
Q” A Šuj  g:”2gd pg‡‡)_A‡ 2” –Au
Q” A Šu“ —g _dA! p g:”2gd pg‡‡)_A‡ 2” –A‡ ‡Yg—dQ 2gbp! !–A
Q” A Šu‘  A28 d: A28 !d: d:”2A: AJJA2‡ gd ! p g:”2gd pg‡‡)_A‡
2” –Au
Q” A Šuj!
A™dA‡!d 2 g‡‡u
Q” A Buj  g:”2gd J”d2gdu
Q” A Bu“ Ag2_!‡‡2!_ —!QA Az”_) !gd –! 2!p!_ bQ !gdu
Q” A Bu‘ Ag2_!‡‡2!_ —!QA Az”_) !gd –! _!)g bQ !gdu
Q” A BuO ”!_ 2gdd””b ‡Yg—dQ –!_Œdgd –!_ !d: A˜2_”:!)_AŒdgdA˜[
2_”:!)_A Qgg:‡u
Q” A BuL  gg^_™d  :QAu
Q” A Bu‹ A !›!dg[! g—‡  :QAu
Q” A euj g‡[:‡!d2A J”d2gdu
Q” A eu“ :[ Ad J”d2gdu

Q” A eu‘ g‡[:‡!d2A J”d2gd‡u
Q” A euO :[ Ad J”d2gd‡u
Q” A euL gd Y”=dAd‚‡ 2gd2Ad 2 2 2_A‡u
Q” A eu‹ gd2Ad 2 2 2_A‡ !:]”‡A: Jg dA ‡A2dQ g”A‡u
Q” A euŠ :[ Ad J”d2gd ‡Yg—dQ Q g—Y gJ A2g u
Q” A jœuj db”b —!QA bpg‡A: gd pA JA2_™ 2gbpA–A _!)g b! ^Au
Q” A jœu“  b d pA JA2_™ 2gbpA–A _!)g b! ^Au
Q” A jœu‘ gdgp‡gd‡2 _!)g b! ^Au
Q” A jœuO db”b —!QA d bgdgp‡gd‡2 _!)g b! ^Au
Q” A jjuj JJA2 gJ :A2 A!‡A:  !d‡pg !gd 2g‡‡ gd  !:A d —g 2A‡u
Q” A jju“ :[ Ad J”d2gd —Y :A2 A!‡A:  !d‡pg  2g‡‡ Jg !Q 2”_” Au
Q” A j“uj !d: b! ^A —Y ! pA JA2_™ dA_!‡2 ‡”pp_™ gJ _!d:u
Q” A j“u“ !d: b! ^A ‡Yg—dQ p” A Ad !d: bp g–AbAd Adu
Q” A j“u‘ Ad Q !:Adu
Q” A j“uO :[ Ad J”d2gd‡ Jg ! pg_™2Ad 2 2™u
Q” A j“uL g”d:! A‡ gJ ™‡gd‡ g dA 8  rAd‡”‡ A‡Qd!A: _!2As
!‡ gJ “œœ‘ rYp7ŒŒAdu—^pA:!ug QŒ—^Œ b!QA7™‡gd‡g dA b!puQJsu
Q” A j‘uj Y2^ ‡”pp_™ !d: :Ab!d: 2” –A‡ Jg Yg”‡dQu
Q” A j‘u“ _A dQ YAg ™ gJ A‡:Ad!_ ‡”22A‡‡gdu
Q” A j‘u‘! YA  ”[ QgA Yg”‡dQ p g]A2 d u g”‡u
Q” A j‘u‘) Y! 2gbb”d!_ ‡p!2A‡ )A2!bAu
Q” A j‘u‘2 YA :A‡ ”2gd gJ YA  ”[ QgA Yg”‡dQ 2gbp_A˜ d jeŠ“u
Q” A j‘uO  ‡[QAdA !gd Ad 2gd g_‡u

Q” A j‘uL
g”‡dQ –g”2YA ‡ —YAd Yg”‡dQ ‡ ! dg b!_ Qgg:u
Q” A j‘u‹
g”‡dQ –g”2YA ‡ —YAd Yg”‡dQ ‡ !d dJA g Qgg:u
Q” A jOuj  AA—!™ dA 2Y!dQA gJ YA OœL !d: jœL d g‡ dQA_A‡8
!_Jg d!u
Q” A jOu“  !d‡pg  :Ab!d: !d: b! Qd!_ 2g‡u
Q” A jOu‘  !d‡pg  :Ab!d: !d: b! Qd!_ 2g‡ —Y d2 A!‡A: g!:
Q” A j‹uj d2:Ad2A gJ !d A˜2‡A !˜u
Q” A j‹u“ !JJA 2” –Au
Q” A j‹uj :QA—g Y )g˜ —Yd ! p g:”2gd pg‡‡)_A‡ 2” –Au
Q” A j‹u“ :QA—g Y g˜ Jg 2^ !d: !dAu
Q” A jŠuj !JJA 2” –Au
Q” A jŠu“ dAJK2Ad2™ :”A g A–Ad”A ‡Y! dQu
Q” A jB …
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