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You have sourced the right raw materials and secured the right channel partners. You’ve also set the launch date for your new product. Although you have completed many marketing activities so far, you haven’t even begun to spread the word about your product yet!This assignment includes three parts:Part 1: Design five (5) different integrated marketing tactics (including graphics and text/copy). The five tactics are as follows:A press releaseAn email campaignONE of the following: magazine advertisement, direct mail postcard, full-page flyer, tri-fold sales brochure, or banner adONE of the following: TV commercial (submit script), radio advertisement (submit script), or social mediaONE of the following: coupon, rebate, sweepstakes, free give-away, or contestThe primary goal of your campaign is to introduce your new offering to the target audience. The secondary goal is to compel consumers to try your offering.Part 2: Using a minimum of 2 scholarly sources complete a 4-5 page paper (including a references page) that discusses the following:
Explain your rationale for choosing your five tactics for your IMC campaign. Be sure to incorporate concepts from the course to support your rationale! Your rationale should align with the marketing strategy you have already chosen.Explain how your promotion strategies will address the diversity of your customer base.Explain what other tactics you would use if you were launching a real campaign, and why. (They may or may not be in the list in Part 1.)Explain what tactics you would avoid, and why.Part 3: A key element in marketing today is being able to show results from your marketing investments or ROI (return on investment). Referencing the five items you created, answer the following questions in 1-2 pages:
How would you track the activity from each one? Remember, your secondary goal is to compel consumers to try your offerings.What call to action will you use? (What do you want the consumer to do as a result of interacting with your promotion?)What tools would you use to track those calls to action for each piece? (Examples include ways and tools you would use for tracking social media, email distribution, or websites.)




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Hangover Relief
Hangover Gone in under 30 minutes
Stout, Keisha
Hangover Relief
The “Hangover Relief” is a product I would like to launch so that I may eliminate so many other
remedies that I know we have all tried so many times; with no success. My product will have
natural ingredients that will allow your body to rehydrate itself in less than 30 minutes. No more
nausea, no more grogginess and most importantly no more headaches; you will feel as if you
never were drunk to begin with.
The reasons for the creation of my product are countless but I have one main reason to put this
product into production; Life. I know that not all of us feel the same after a night out, but I know
that we all feel fatigue, we all feel the headaches and my personal favorite, the dry mouth. In
some cases, having a hangover can be so severe that you end up missing those extraordinary
events. You can end up missing those birthdays and weddings. I say let’s change that!
Just like every product out there, I have a target range. My main target would be those who I
know would benefit the most from my product. Clients between the ages of 21 and 26 are my
main target due to the stereotype that proceeds that age group. Many people around that age
range are your college students and military members; those are the ones who often drink the
most and who can benefit the most from my product. That age group has the mentality that they
can go through life drinking and partying and feel invincible. Unfortunately, that is not a true
statement, we all suffer hangovers and we all have those symptoms, so we can all benefit from
the product. The age range doesn’t stop at 26, it is for those who are 21 and older since the
product resolves so many issues, it can be used for more than just hangovers; it can be used for
all hangover like symptoms.
The biggest value in my product will be how universal it is. Yes, my main idea came from not
having any more hangovers, but it can help with those who feel those hangover like symptoms
when they do not drink. For those expecting mothers who feel that nausea, that fatigue and that
dizziness now can change those symptoms. A hangover is defined as the experience of various
unpleasant and psychological effects following the consumption of alcohol; the “Hangover
Relief” will redefine what it means to have a hangover. What once lasted hours and sometimes
days will now be gone in no time.
A hangover is a consequence of having drinking too much alcohol, which causes several effects
such as Urinating more which can cause dehydration; which can cause you to feel thirsty and
lightheaded. It can also cause low blood sugar which can make you feel tired,shaky and possible
How to cure a Hangover
Hangover Relief Market Analysis
Keisha Stout
Hangover Relief Market Analysis
This paper looks at the market for the Hangover Relief. It undertakes to segment the
market, identifying three consumer segments which are most likely to buy and use the product.
Additionally, from the various consumer segments, the paper pinpoints one that is to be the
target market and provides a backing for the choice as well as providing a description of the
target market based on the demographic, psychographic, behavioral, and geographic details. The
paper particularly analyzes the cultural aspects under consideration as regards the product based
on the demographics selected. The paper then gives a description and analysis of the competitive
environment of the product, looking at key competitors and the strengths or benefits of the
product that are the foundation for the product positioning strategy in the market.
The Products Market
Customer Segments
The three main customer segments for the product comprise; Young college-going youths
aged between 21-26 years, due to their partying and drinking culture with them being more prone
to drink alcohol than any other age group. The second segment is working adults aged between
30-45 years, most of whom engage in drinking as a leisure activity. The third segment comprises
persons who experience nausea, headaches and hangover like symptoms though they have not
drunk any alcohol, this may include; pregnant women, persons working in polluted or
environments that induce hangover-like symptoms as well as those who are suffering from
particular infections, sick spells or diseases. These segments will provide the basis for selecting
the target market for the product.
Target Market
The consumer segment I chose as the products target market is the College going youths
segment aged between 21-26 years. This is the segment of choice due to the fact that this age
group is most likely to engage in heavy drinking and have been found to be the most drinkers,
and thus have the highest probability of suffering from hangovers and need Hangover Relief,
which is the product on offer. Additionally, they are most in need of hangover relief due to their
educational and sporting demands which may require them to be physically and mentally well to
engage in.
This target consumer segment is composed of persons aged between 21—26 years, with
21 being the legal drinking age in the United States, which will be the geographic location for
most of the target market. This age group is comprised of young adults who are most likely in
college, university or have just finished their higher-education program. They are also most
likely to be geographically based in urban centers, (Florida, 2018)meaning the product would
have to be based and sold mainly in urban centers. Additionally, since this age group is majorly
comprised of millennials and generation z, its psychographic profile most aligns with that of
millennials and generation z, with it is defined by; strong personality and belief in selfexpression and uniqueness, high levels of diversity making them more likely to socialize and
interact with others, high innovation and creativity as well as them being big spenders, with them
being more prone to impulse buying and trying out new products in the market and sticking with
those products if they prove to be trendy and good as well as having a high propensity for
partying due to their socializing and interactive nature, (Green Buzz, 2017). This demographic,
geographic, behavioral and psychographic factors heavily influence the consumer culture of the
market segment and impact the marketing strategies for the product, hoe it will be sold, where it
will be sold and the quantities it will be sold in, all the way down to packaging and advertising.
Cultural Elements
There are cultural elements that will need to be put into consideration for the product
based on demographics of the target market, in this sense is the culture of the target consumer
segment which will include aspects such as; There high affinity for technology which they use
comparatively more than any other age group and thus a need for a technology application of the
product such as creating a website and mobile application for buyers to use. They use social
media more than any other generation and are exposed to more information and thus the product
will need to have a high social media presence for it to reach the consumers effectively and to
widen the market reach. They have a liking for innovative, trendy and creative products which
they are more likely to buy and use especially if the product makes use of technology and unique
concepts such as free delivery and bonuses for buying a certain amount of the product as well as
what they would consider as cool product packaging, which is unique and attractive, feeding into
their desire for self-identity, high customization and sense of individuality. There high liking for
diversity and social interaction means the product would have to be suited to target social
gatherings and parties such as music festivals and events which would provide a prime market
and selling point for the product. All these cultural aspects of the select demographic group
require the product to adapt and align to meet them and be part of the cultural and behavioral
stance in order for it to effectively position itself and serve the market adequately while reaping
Competitive Landscape
The key competitors for the product include already present pharmaceutical products,
such as painkillers and home-made hangover remedies which comprise numerous rehydration
formulas and programs. In order for the product, Hangover Relief to effectively compete and
even outperform these current remedies, it will need to stand-out; through its packaging which
must be unique and attractive to draw customers, its marketing strategy that will ensure it reaches
the most number of consumers and convinces them to make use of the product, its pricing which
should be below the cost of other available remedies or at par with them, its ease of use, high
level of effectiveness and medical and quality regulatory certifications all of which will give it
credibility and allow it to gain the trust of the target consumers and drive them to use it. These
ensure will enable the product to gain a competitive advantage in an already crowded and
complex market.
In order to further cement the positioning of the product, the focus will be in its key
strengths and benefits to the consumer, which will include; A low pricing margin, ease of use of
the product, a lack of side effects when using the product in terms of both short-term and longterm effects, better product packaging and distribution through local deliveries and supply points
for the customers convenience and a high level of quality and effectiveness of the product in
relieving hangovers almost instantly making it more suitable as compared to other product and
more effective as well.
The analyzed market segments and final product target consumer segment provide a clear
view of the market potential of the product as well as its strategic market value which is aligned
with and fully based on the consumer, the consumer needs and their preference. Based on the
market aspects analyzed, the Hangover Relief product is an effective and quality product which
will perform admirably in the market
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Millennials Are Happiest in Cities. Retrieved from City Lab:
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The 5 Active Generations and How to Market to Them

The Launching of Hangover Relief
Rasmussen college
Product Description
The “Hangover Relief” is a retail product that consists of natural ingredients that helps
the body gain back fluids and energy after a night of excessive drinking.
Value Proposition
The hangover relief is a product aimed to assist consumers in being able to engage in
drinking and still manage to have a productive day after. It is a better, cheaper and much
effective remedy to reduce grogginess, nausea, headaches and the dry mouth that most people
experience during hangovers.
Reason to Believe
The product is made of natural ingredients that have been medically proven to be
effective remedies to hangover symptoms. Honey, ginger, peppermint, and lemon have
properties that improve the mood, metabolism and hydrates the individual, hence reducing the
impact of a hangover. These natural ingredients are mixed with supplements including Vitamins
B1, B6 as well as B12 whose functions in the body cannot be underestimated and makes the
product more effective within a short period.
Suggested Retail Price
The product will retail at $20 on regular sale and go down to $18 when on discount to
cover for the needs of the target market at an affordable price.
Figure 1: Illustrates a proposed design for the product advertising materials. Retrieved from

The image is not the actual design for the product to be launched, but the idea is similar
in that it will display the drink, its products, and benefits in an attractive way to the consumer.
The rationale of the Concept Statement
The product details are based on the benefits each have towards the practical market
approach as well as quality results to the end consumers. The reason for selecting hangover
remedy as the product of interest in this launch is because there are less available substitutes.
Most of these remedies that are already available in the market are pharmaceutical medication
like painkillers and syrups that do not give immediate effect (Mikhail, 2018). There are also
home formulas that people can make using natural ingredients, but most of the victims have no
time or resources readily available to help them in time of need. The hangover remedy
product to be launched is, therefore, an effective way of providing relief to clients after a night of
heavy drinking. The decision to use natural ingredients is mainly because the producer is careful
to deliver an effective solution to hangovers without compromising the health of the users.
Ginger, lemon, peppermint, and honey are great products that provide nourishing, detoxification
and improves the metabolic impact of an individual’s body. These items used in the making of
the hangover remedy is proven to have no short- or long-term side effects.
The consumers can believe the effectiveness of the products as the ingredients used has a
well-known positive impact on the body. The fact that this product can be used to treat handover
symptoms like severe headaches or nausea feelings implies that it is produced specially to handle
all challenges that arise from drinking (Mikhail, 2018). The retail price is determined by the
production cost considering the ingredients used, equipment, labor, and other market expenses.
$20 is the best price as it is at par or slightly higher from the market value of pharmaceutical
remedies. The consumers will be willing to spend one or two dollars more to get a legit, natural
and effective solution for their hang downs instead of opting for medication that might have
adverse side effects. The discounted price might go down to $18 to attract new consumers and
appreciate the loyal ones to keep purchasing the product for its quality and affordability.
Market Research
The ability to get an active market for a new product is the best step to achieve
progressive business activities. A target consumer base of young people between 21- 26 years
old is a strategy that requires more research to attain practices that these individuals will
appreciate. Although there is a specific consumer target for the product, the producer must also
consider other age groups who might also need the product for similar or other uses (Narver,
Slater & MacLachlan, 2004). While conducting market research, it is essential to consider the
crucial aspects that will promote the development and success of this product. Firstly, brand
research is a way of finding out the best images, characteristics, and narratives with which to
involve the company. The information is used in every stage of the business lifecycle as it keeps
everything focused on communicating a specific message to the consumers which determine
their loyalty. As a new product, it is also advised to find the competitive analysis of this
particular market as such details assist in making choices about price, advertisement and the
services offered by rivals. Once a company has precise information on how to deal with their
competition, it is easy to develop effective marketing strategies that will give both short and
long-term solutions (Narver, Slater & MacLachlan, 2004).
The market research also involves finding out about the consumer insights as these are
the most influential stakeholders in the promotion of a new product. One can find out how
consumers behave the way they do when it comes to particular product characteristics or
changes. The producer is, therefore, able to personalize marketing strategies depending on
consumer preferences and expected future changes. The market for hangover remedies is in such
a way that the consumers get more influence from social media and other online
platforms which is a guide the marketing department on the decisions they should make (Narver,
Slater & MacLachlan, 2004). Consumer satisfaction research is also essential as it puts into
consideration the reliability of the product and service, market price, knowledge and consumer
reviews about the products of that nature.
Shawn the Model
Daily Activities
Shawn has 3-hour classes in the
modelling agency
Shawn gets exhausted after a night
of partying as he has to go to work
and training
He also has practice for the local
magazine every afternoon
Shawn’s Vital Statistics
Shawn is an American based 24-yearold commercial and runway model
He likes to go all night partying at
least two days a week
Shawn is active on mobile device
and the internet
Persona of the Target Market
In the evening, Shawn has to attend
a photoshoot for a clothing line he
represents since they bring in new
stock everyday
He therefore struggles with either
ignoring some events or take
painkillers to feel better the next
Device and Social media use
Goals and Objectives
Desktop devices 60%
Shawn has the goal of rising in his
modelling career though the right
exposure and connections
Mobile devices 99%
He also loves to make memories
with his friends and colleagues
through parties
Social Media use 99%
SWOT Analysis
Hangover remedies are products that must undergo positive and negative factors
to make a good impact on society. The SWOT analysis of this new product is as below.
The major strengths of this hangover remedy product are its brand promotion,
which represents a naturally effective solution for challenges that come with drinking.
The target consumers can relate to this product as many of them want to find a way of
having fun and still conduct their daily activities without the interruption of headaches,
fatigue, and nausea. The product also has an affordable price considering the quality
ingredients which attracts many consumers.
The company size does not allow for more inviting and well-funded
advertisements as they might cost a lot from the capital invested in the product. The
consumers will, therefore, have less information about the product and reduce their
possibility of making a purchase.
There are great opportunities as the product is operating in a growing market with fewer
substitutes, meaning that the possibility of success if higher. The target market is also
appreciative of products that make their lives more comfortable like the hangover remedy which
enables them to have a good time and still engage in their daily commitments. Partying in the US
has expanded with increased events that involved drinking and hence increasing the
consumer base for these products. The increased use of social media among individuals of 21-26
makes marketing easier for this product as the company can address a vast audience with a single
The greatest threat that might face …
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