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Answer the following question depend on the upload file and if some detail you need to use is not include in the file plz make up it. In the upload file one is called Project question assignment this is the background of what project question we did and how we assignment. one is called HP FINAL, In this file, it has final draft about this project. And the last file is called recap example. It is example of this Project recap. The Project recap are below:Question 1Explain what has been completed in the project so far.Question 2Who has completed / not completed what area? Discuss what each person has worked on, where they are with the project, how they are using the group to help them through their sections. Additionally, discuss how the group is ensuring they offer input on these sections as well as understand and know the content of areas outside their assigned sections.Question 3How are you personally handling sections that are not yet completed for your section? For other members sections? What steps are being taken to ensure those areas will be completed on time?Question 4To date, what has worked well within your group?Question 5To date, what has not worked within your group? What have you done to correct this and get the team together to succeed. (Ie: individual performance, communication issues etc…)Questions 6If you could change anything within the group or the groups approach to the project, what would it be and why? How would you communicate this to the group?



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Project question is below, different color question has different ppl to
take care. It include paper part and ppt part.
Yellow paper part: Jason
Red paper part: Kevin
Green paper part: Mike
Company Assessment ppt part: John
SWOT Analysis ppt part: Alex and David
We all share ideas and put it in each part.
We use google drive doing this project
Company Assessment: (approximately half your paper) Yellow
(Paul) Red (Moe)
1.Who is there consumer market. Focus on who the overall market of
consumers is.
2.Who is their current target market? Look at who they focus their
products and advertising for. (example – a soda company may target
everyone based on product offering, however their advertising is
specifically middle income millennials)
3.General information about the company as needed (history, financials)
4.Where do they excel in social media?
5.Where are they deficient in social media?
6.Where do they excel in traditional marketing (TV, radio, print,
billboards etc…)?
7.Where are they deficient in traditional marketing (TV, radio, print,
billboards etc…)?
SWOT Analysis: (approximately half your paper) – Everett, Paul Check
8.Create a SWOT for your company – 3-5 points per section.
Include your 4 square table of the SWOT as an appendix – it will not
count towards your total page count.
All points listed in your 4 square SWOT should be written out so you
can describe why each point you are making fall under a specific
category. It is imperative that you support these claims with research
and not just be opinion based.
As a team we have chosen to do our part of the research on Hewlett Packard (commonly known as HP). It is
a company that is built on innovation, and has businesses in different sectors of technology including
computer, cell phones, printers, camera, etc. For this part of the project we are going to analyze the
marketing strategies that HP has used for its leading computer system manufacturing products that have held
the top spot in the market over the years. The marketing strategy for the company has changed as new
competitors in the market have challenged the tech giant for the top spot in computer manufacturing. Our
focus is to investigate the consumer buying patterns for the computer manufacturing side of the HP.
Overview of Hewlett Packard
Founded by Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard, HP is a technology solutions provider to consumers, businesses
and institutions globally headquartered in Palo Alto, California. They are known by people all over the
world offering a wide range of computer products from personal computers to 3D printing solutions,
however the brand entered the market in 1939 with an audio oscillator. However, the company officially
entered the computer desktop business in 1966 with the HP 2100/HP 1000 series. HP became the first
technological company to exceed sales revenue of $100 billion in 2007 where it led the global personal
computer market with 18.1% market share. It continued to lead the market until 2013 where Lenovo took
over with 16.9% market share as to HP’s 16.2% and has since been fighting for market share to regain its
position. With this, HP became publicly traded in November of 2015 to continue growing and innovate.
Target market Analysis
Our research shows that HP is a company that generally targets audiences in the manufacturing industry.
Businesses require the use of computers to make record storage, service provision and surveillance more
efficient. The still growing technological shift from third world countries to first world countries require
integration of IT which then requires computers. Learning institutions and businesses are a big and stable
market that HP is tapped into because of how necessary it is to use a computer to learn and keep up with the
expansion of technology. HP is now even tapping into 3D printing technology and trying to target new
industries which would require this technology to lower costs and further increase innovation.
Assessment of HP
Where do they excel in social media?
HP has been growing when it comes to social media, the most noticeable platform HP uses is Google+,
LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram—which consists of over 10.5 million followers. HP’s platform
on LinkedIn is so huge that it has been in the top 10 most influential brands on the channel as they were the
first company to earn a million followers and now their current base is two million connects. On platforms
such as Facebook and Twitter, HP not only promotes product-related content and videos but they also share
tech related news and try to spread creativity with photos and engaging with users with hashtag campaigns.
On Instagram, the company shares high quality photography and videos and also encourages users to share
content with HP hashtags where they frequently end up being reposted on the HP account.
HP is able to use social media in their favor targeting professionals and those who look for high quality
products because HP produces high quality content.
Where is HP deficient in social media?
HP is great at targeting their target market and knows how to fill that niche. However, amongst a younger
market, HP’s brand awareness is not very high. In the age where markets garner the attention of younger
audiences through influencers on platforms such as YouTube and Instagram, HP has not been successful
with that. Their presence is high within the professional field (even leading the market share), however if
they want to grow their social media influence, they need to be sponsoring and promoting their products
with these influencers. Young adults nowadays are more aware of products through influencers because the
product has been formally tested by them and are more likely to purchase a product if they know more about
it; this is the case with sponsorships with these influencers.
Where does HP excel in traditional marketing (TV, radio, print, billboards, etc)?
HP has succeeded in marketing through newspapers and magazines. This is by targeting newspaper readers
who mainly are people above 20 years old. They market many types of brands through newspaper. This is
done to appeal to the diverse wants of people across the age set. For example, a 20-year-old person will look
for laptops in a newspaper while middle-aged people who are running a business will look for HP printers
and desktop laptops (Weinstein, 2016). HP has also succeeded in using billboards as a form of traditional
marketing. The company also has numerous billboards to a market their products. These billboards are
placed in places with high traffic to attract the most people to the product advertised. Through sports
endorsements, HP has succeeded in advertising its name and brands. HP sponsored Tottenham Hotspurs and
is planning to sponsor teams in the Overwatch League (Zell, 2018). This target sports viewers who go to
their online sites to view HP’s products.
Where is HP deficient in traditional marketing (TV, radio, print, billboards, etc)?
HP is deficient in marketing through the radio. HP products are electronic which need a more visual form in.
For example, a reporter cannot describe the microprocessor, speed, size, and adaptability to new information.
The radio station will lose most of its listeners who will not understand the technical jargon said by the
reporter. This is also the reason HP has failed in marketing through TV stations. This combined with the fact
that computers and printers have many specifications and uses which cannot be fully explained to viewers.
SWOT Analysis
HP main strength is its brand image. HP is a global company, whose brand name is recognized around the
world including countries such as United States, India, China, Japan, etc. HP is one of the first companies to
adventure out in the sale of the computer business thus influencing customer to have trust in the company
over the number of years. Being a large global
company, it offers a wide variety of products and services that caters for the needs of individuals and groups.
It is known for the quality and the reliability of its product offering at different price ranges. Also, the
company has gained its reputation of having a strong customer foundation. According to Statista, HP is the
leading personal computer being shipped out by vendors from 2009 to 2018 beating its competitor Lenovo,
Dell, and even apple in millions of units sold. It sold over 17.55 million units reaching it peak in quarter 4 in
2010. Even with companies such as apple coming into play with new product offering it maintain its stand
leading in sales. HP has paved its way to reach the 58th position on the fortune 500 list as of 2018. It has
reached its position due to its product offering such as the Spectre and Envy brand reaching top PC sales.
Being a trusted brand over the years, leading business rely on HP products to run their business thus proving
that it still holds a strong share in the market for its products.
HP biggest weakness is its reliance on the company’s computer and printer sales meaning it lacks profit
from its other products. Heavily relying on the PC and printer sales means that other companies are taking
the opportunity to create an advancement in other products such as tablets, phones, cloud computing, etc.
Focusing only on the main core of product and creating a slow grow for the innovation to bring new
technological advancement in place is really hurting its market. On the other hand, companies such as Apple
have created a strong demand in the markets of PC, Phones, tablets, cloud computing, etc. It is essentially a
competitor for its technological advancement. This can hurt HP because PC are slowly becoming out-date,
and the market demand is on the decline. This could mean in that focusing on big chuck of the market, and
not looking at the other product mix could hurt HP to maintain its stature. Due to the rise in the market for
smartphones, tablets, etc. There have been significant differences in the sales of PC market. Over the course
of its history, HP has managed to take over companies. According to the data on CrunchBase, HP has
acquired over 101 companies in its business venture. The most recent one being the Apogee Corp that is a
supplier of digital document solution. Acquiring companies doesn’t always mean they are going to turn
profitable for the company. As recent as 2011, HP acquired a company called Autonomy Corporation for a
whopping amount of $10.2 billion dollars. According to article on Investopedia called, “Biggest acquisition
of all time” HP ended up with a loss of $8.8 billion dollars. That is a major blow for a company that failed to
fully investigate the research process that went through in acquiring such a firm. It is a known fact that
plastic is one of the hardest materials to recycle. HP is known for their environment sustainability effort and
it goes as far as being one of the only 7 companies climate A list for its effort in climate protection, water,
and being a supplier engagement leader. However, it forgot the main component and that is that their
product itself is not very environment friendly as people are buying new computer instead of getting their
old ones fixed due to new technology being introduced.
HP brings in about $58.47 billion dollars in revenue as of 2018 according to Statista. It has enough money to
adventure out to other opportunities that it has lacked in over the years. One of the biggest opportunities for
HP was venturing out to cloud computing. HP at one point had a cloud computing called the HP cloud, but it
failed in the market. On the other hand,
companies like Google created the Google Drive that is flawless in moving document through the web. The
problem with HP is that they rely heavily or merging with other companies like Dropbox to provide its cloud
content to its millions of users. However, people can easily choose their own way to store data online. HP is
losing its customer as it is not focusing on building more opportunities for itself, and letting companies
advance in the cloud computing sector. Cloud computing has a major potential to boost the company’s
revenue if it markets out with free content for its PC buyers. It should not be downsized. Gaming Industry is
booming, and HP is not even close in the race for the best gaming PC. It is a big market for many of the
people that use PC as a gaming platform. According to Digital River, 25% of gaming revenue comes for the
sales on PC platforms, and there was a 20% increase in growth market for PC games since 2015. This means
that the market is growing. HP do carry a line of gaming PC’s, but they do not even make it to the Top 10
list of the best gaming computers in the market. In an article by Kevin Lee called, “The best gaming PC
2019: 10 of the top gaming desktops you can buy”, HP PC does not make it on the list. Instead, Lenovo
makes it on the list at the number 6th spot with its Lenovo Ideacentre Y900. HP really needs to put its
resources to get ahead in its PC market. Advertising is very limited in HP, and its presence on social media
is very limited. We do not see a platform that has a big presence from HP in term of its marketing. They rely
on their repeat customer base, and contracts to make big sales. There isn’t an big advertisement when HP
releases its new line of products, or a new product in general. People do not know about the latest HP
product, or its new ENVY PC that is released into the market. It lacks in social media presence except in the
market of business professional on its LinkedIn. HP has potential in gaining its presence through social
media marketing on different platform. This could be done by sponsoring bits on Snapchat or going on
twitter to make social presence. Social media, and advertisement are the key to success. Gadget Industry is
growing rapidly in terms of smartphones, smartwatches, etc. HP can capitalize on the market by getting the
presence in the market of their Smartphone, which no one has even heard about. They can grow in the
smartwatch industry that links to their computers. There is a so much potential for a company that runs its
revenue in billions.
Threat is a major component of running any business. Every business faces threat from many different
things. HP faces threats in its technological advancement. We do not see HP self-driving cars on the road.
We do not hear about HP building their own technology. It is a technology company, and yet they get their
share of technological advancement from the pieces of the companies them acquire. They might use licenses,
and we do not even have a anti-virus protection for its own system, and instead it uses other companies to
gain on their product. More and more products are being developed in world that HP hasn’t even put its step
in. Tablet are a main source of computing for many people in the world, and it is rapidly growing.
Technology Advancement of other is a very big threat. Another threat that HP faces is the growing world of
customization. Everyone wants to customize things to their own liking. People want the ability to pick and
choose as to what to put on their Subway sandwich. Customized PC are growing at fast rate as more and
more people are opening shops to customize to the customers liking. Also, PC carry a lot of valuable
information for its users, such as passwords, important email, documents, etc. There is a growing world of
Cyber Crimes that provides to be a major threat for technology industries. A new update means that there is
someone out there cracking the code on how to hack the software. Many companies offer Anti-virus
protection for a cost, and many users are unwilling to pay for their safety of products. HP computers can be
hacked, and many valuable
resources can take place. HP is a global company that has many of its products in business location
protecting confidential information. This means that their name is at stake every day. Cybercrime is a
serious thing.
HP SWOT Analysis
Strong customer foundation. i.
A wide range of products.
Over-reliance on PC and printer sales
Brand Image.
Strong financial capabilities i.
Wrong decisions in acquisition matters
Slow growth in innovation
Environment sustainability
Growth in cloud computing
Gaming industry
Smart Technology
Project Recap
Student Name: XXXXX
Course: MKT 419
Recap Number: 1
Group company name: XXXXX
Group members XXXXX
*** Please save your file as follows: LastName_FirstName_CourseNumber_Company. Please
upload only .doc/.docx files. This is an individual assignment – not a group submission.
*** Each area should be well explained and a thorough recap/summary of the project.
Explain what has been completed in the project so far. Who has completed what area?
Currently in our project the things that have been completed are the Swot Analysis by XXXXX and
myself, Company Summary by XXXXX, and the Target Market by XXXXX. Concerning the SWOT
Analysis, like we spoke to you about in the last class, for the most part, the table SWOT is finished.
The only thing we need to do with that now is go through and explain each of the categories and
give a brief summary of why we chose the certain opportunities, strengths, etc. Next, for the
company summary, the entire thing is finished, and it looks amazing. In this area, XXXXX really
outlines, overall how strong XXXXX brand is and what our goal of creating this marketing plan is.
And as for the Target Market, which was done by XXXXX, this area was completed nicely, with all
areas covered and questions covered.
What still needs to be completed? What steps are being taken to ensure those areas will be
completed on time?
Currently we are in the process of finishing up our SWOT analysis explanation which is the job of
Jessica and myself, our Financial analysis, which is XXXXX task and our current Marketing
Strategies, which is XXXXX task. The first step that is being taken to fully complete these sections
is scheduling our team meeting where we can look over everyone’s work and add or take out
anything we’d like in preparation for our presentation. And for this meeting everyone in the
group knows that we have to have everything finished by that meeting date. Second step we are
taking is setting up our official team group chat so that if anyone has questions about their section
or needs help finding the correct information to input, they can just send any questions to the
group chat and get it answered by any of the other five members of the team. And lastly, the
third step we are taking toward ensuring that these areas are completed are reminding each
other every class time of what still needs to be completed or if something isn’t done correctly or
needs to be changed. This step really holds each teammate accountable for what they are or
aren’t doing within the group, and it just helps in getting reminded since, everyone, including
myself, has a really busy schedule.
To date, what has worked well within your group?
I’d say that the main two things that work great in our group have been are (1)reminding each
other about assignment deadlines in class and (2)collaborating on the project areas. for number
one I’d say that this works so well not only because it reminds us of when are assignments and
the presentation are due, but it also helps us to get feedback on and what is already done and
also find out why the work hasn’t been done. One situation in which I observed this was when
XXXXX hadn’t finished the company summary, even though she kept saying that she’d do it. One
day in class we asked her about and she actually brought up how she wasn’t sure on whether she
was doing a summary on the entire beer parent compan …
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