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“Effective Management.” There are three (3) recommendations for effective management of projects in concurrent multiphase environments: Organizational System Design, System Implementation, and Managing in Concurrent Engineering. Which of these three (3) recommendations for effective management would you or do you use most often? Explain Why? Provide real world example to back up your claim. Use a least 2 cited resources “Managing Configuration and Data for Effective Project Management.” The process protocol model consists of thirteen (13) steps from Inception to Feedback. Provide a short description of these steps.Can any be skipped in this process model?In your opinion which step is most valuable? Use at least 2 cited resources “Organizational Project Management Maturity Model.” What is the four-step process of innovation and learning and how can your organization apply these steps to manage a project?Of the five (5) levels of an organizational project management maturity model, which level is often the most difficult to manage? Why?Provide one real world example how to mitigate this challenge.Use at least 2 cited resources

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