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about Kepler space telescopeA major component of your poster project is to discuss three discoveries made by your telescope/observatory.These do not have to be huge discoveries that changed the course of science. It can be something observed by astronomers using your telescope/observatory that you simply find interesting.Do some research and pick out a discovery made by your telescope/observatory. In a separate document (saved as a pdf or a word document) summarize this discovery in your own words. You can write this as a short paragraph/bulleted list. Include the source(s) where you find the information.

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Project  Introduction  Questionnaire    
Instructions:  Fill  out  the  questionnaire,  save  your  work,  and  resubmit  on  the  blackboard  for  an  HW  grade.  
1. Name  of  telescope/observatory:  Kepler  space  telescope  
2. Observing  wavelength:  430–890  nm  
3. How  long  has  your  telescope/observatory  been  in  operation?  The  space  telescope  was  launched  
on  7th  March  2009  and  ended  its  operation  on  30th  October  2018  after  the  depletion  of  its  fuel.  The  
telescope  was  abandoned  after  nine  years  of  its  operations.    
4. What  instruments  does  your  telescope/observatory  have  as  part  of  it?  There  are  numerous  parts  
of  the  Kepler  telescope.  The  parts  include  Primary  mirror,  camera,  focal  plane  array,  Schmidt  
corrector  and  photometer.  The  primary  mirror  works  as  an  image  receiver  while  thereby  having  the  
ability  to  detect  as  small  planets.  The  photometer,  focal  plane  array,  and  the  camera  are  the  most  
significant  parts  of  the  telescope  as  they  are  primarily  built  to  take  photos.  
5. What  are  the  primary  instruments  used  for  observing  (note:  most  telescopes/observatory  have  
many  different  instruments;  however  only  1-­‐3  instruments  are  used  for  making  observations  and  
the  others  are  used  for  navigation/aiming/etc.)?  Focal  plane  array,  photometer,  and  camera.  The  
focal  plane  array  comprises  of  4  fine  Guidance  Sensor  CCD  modules  and  21  science.  The  lenses  on  
the  module  define  the  wavelength  of  the  telescope.  Photometer  enables  the  creation  of  precision  
when  capturing  the  images  in  the  galaxy.  The  photometer  calculates  the  interferences  of  the  sun  
and  works  to  maintain  the  focus  of  the  camera  to  the  needed  target.  The  camera  is  the  instrument  
that  takes  the  picture  and  records  the  images  taken  for  transmission  to  the  mission  control  area  at  
NASA  headquarters.  The  three  parts  can  function  on  their  own  to  take  and  record  images.    
6. Sources  used  for  this  questionnaire  (feel  free  to  list  more  than  one  source):  Mission  overview.  
(2019).  Retrieved  from  
Barentsen,  G.  (2019).  Characteristics  of  the  Kepler  space  telescope.  Retrieved  from­‐kepler-­‐space-­‐telescope.html  

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