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1.Formatting:Your exam should be typed in 12-point, Times News Roman font.Your exam should be paginated.Your exam should use 1” margins.Your exam should be double spaced.2.Grammar and Spelling:Given the amount of time you have to construct your essay, your essay should use proper grammar and spelling.Deductions from your grade can be made if severe grammar and spelling errors are present.3.Outline:Although an outline is not required, it is recommended that you construct an outline for each essay question to help with the organization and structure of your essay. An outline will ensure you answer each part of the question you have selected.4.Essay Questions (30 points):READ EACH QUESTION THOROUGHLY BEFORE SELECTING WHICH ESSAY YOU CHOOSE, MAKING SURE TO ANSWER EACH PART OF THE QUESTION IN DETAIL (your outline will help you with this). Answers that do not fully answer each part of the question posed will not receive full credit. This means you need to be as descriptive and thorough as possible in answering the question and making any necessary arguments as I will not give credit for hidden meanings, multiple interpretations, or use of generic terminology. In other words, I cannot guess, interpolate, or extrapolate meaning from your answers. Please mark the appropriate number of the question you are answering so I know which question you are attempting. All portions of your answer should be in essay format (no bullet points, no lists, and complete sentences). Choose THREE (3) of the following essay questions:Explain the origins and evolution of the civil rights liberties in the Bill of Rights as they apply to the federal government and the states. Describe how the first amendment protect freedom of religion, speech, and the press. Explain the major rights that people have if they are accused of crime. Assess whether people have a right to privacy under the constitution. Trace the legal developments and social movements that expanded civil rights.Describe how different groups have fought for and won protection of their civil rights.

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