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You did the rough draft before. Now should do some change for following the below reuqirementObjectives: prepare a brief 5-8 minute presentation addressing the portrayal of a person with a psychological disorder in a movie or TV show. o Overview of the movie/TV show – what it is about (in your own words)o The story lineo The major characterso The character who is the focus of the paper (the one with the psychological disorder)* Is he/she a leading or supporting character?* If a supporting character, is this a one time or recurring role?* Tell us about her/his personality and backgroundo Psychological disorder* Which disorder(s) is the character reportedly experiencing?* From your text and our class lecture/discussions, summarize the important features of this disorder (citing the text or DSM)o Accuracy of the portrayal* In your opinion, did the creative team do an accurate job with portraying an individual with this disorder? Support your opinion with examples from the film/TV show and connect this with information from the text/lecture which supports the accuracy of the portrayal OR if the portrayal is inaccurate, please give examples of behaviors or story elements which are inconsistent with what you learned about this disorder in the text/lecture

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