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5 or more work citied please. Please see the attachment for detailed information.

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Periodization Essay
1. Define a periodization yourself. For example, you may claim that the years between 1895 and
1919 can be regarded as a meaningful period.
2. Identify a focused theme within the period you define and explain in what ways does this
theme allow us to view the period you’ve defined as a distinct and integrated temporal unit.
3. Imagine your essay as an introduction to a book chapter/section on the period you’ve defined,
just like the short introductions that Johnathan Spence provides for each part of his book Search
for Modern China. The aim of your essay is to bring your readers’ attention to a particular
historical dynamic that affected how historical trajectories unfolded within the period
you’ve defined, rather than simply listing all the important events during that period.
4. When illustrating and explaining the theme, you are required to use materials from the
textbook, the documentary collection, or the other assigned readings as the evidences for
supporting your claim.
Expectation: An excellent periodization essay shows a compelling and interesting linkage
between the period you define and the theme you identify, builds the thesis on solid grounds of
evidences, has a good focus, and is carefully argued, written, and edited.

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