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Architects, carpenters, plumbers, doctors, dentists, and artist are not the only people who use math daily. In fact, if you talk to people in different professions, you will be surprised to find out that almost any occupation requires some use of math. For this project, you will research careers that use Algebra, write a research paper about this profession and present it to the class. you should be able to answer all of the following questions about pediatrician doctor . What is the nature of the work? . How are the working conditions? What is the demand for this field? . Are there special training, skills, other qualifications or talents needed? Are there advancements in this field? What is the salary? What are some related occupations? How is Algebra used in this profession? Give specific examples using concepts learned in class. Did you find any additional information about this profession? . . Directions for your research paper Research paper should be three to five pages (no less-no more) It should cover all 9 questions On a separate piece of paper, which should be attached to your research paper, please reference all websites and any other materials that were used help prepare your research paper (at least 3 different resources) . .

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