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1. Differentiate the key organizations leading patient safety movements in the United States. 2.Value the need for leaders and managers to focus on patient safety. 3. Apply a decision-making model to create the best option to solve a problem. 4.Evaluate the effect of faulty information gathering on a decision-making experience. 5. Analyze the relationships among mission, vision, and philosophy statements and organizational structure. 6. Analyze factors that influence the design of an organizational structure. 7. Analyze the nature and types of change in the healthcare system. 8. Distinguish the differences between the role of leaders and followers and the role followership has in collective action. I have total of 8 discussion question, each require 170-250 words per question. APA style, per each question I need the reference underneath the question. Please do not put the references all together at the end of the paper. Following question are due on 4/17/19 at 12 : 00 noon pacific time. Book name : Leading and Managing in Nursing Patricia Yoder-Wise

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