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–Remember to adhere to the format.–In terms of the issues and values we will see that there will be consistent “bed-fellows” on each side of the environmental topics. Business, industry and gov’t on one side with environmentalists and those concerned with the long-term effects of resource depletion on the other.–Also remember that the strategies will have educational or public relations components and technology components. I am still looking for at least 4-6 strategies.5 paragraph format (2 page max)1) issues from business/industry/govt/consumer side2) issues environment/environmentalists/consumers3) values from business/industry/govt/consumer side4) values from environment/environmentalists/consumers side. With last sentence identifying common values.5) creative strategies – list at least 4-5 creative strategies

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What is the Role of Science and
the Place of Value?
Hulme, Chapters 3 an 4
What actually is being disputed?
• The science is not disputed but the
relationship between science and other
knowledge we hold in high regard.
– Relation of science to ultimate truth
– Relation of uncertainty risk
– Relation of knowledge to policy making.
What are the limitations of science?
• Climate change science will always be incomplete
and uncertain.
• Public reception of scientific knowledge will not
be the same as what emerged from the
– This means that there must be trust in science by the
– And trust in the public disemination of science by
scientific community.
• Reality that science cannot tell us everthing:
Science is not ethics.
Complexity of policy making
• Economic analyses of climate science have been
used to support widely differing responses.
– Kyoto Protocol
– Differing timelines to reduce green house gases
– Differing allocations equitable responses
• This leads to differences in views of actions
needed and the urgency of making those actions
• All this presumes continued economic growth as
measured by traditional GNP.
Assignment for this week
• After viewing the resources and doing your
own research write a two page essay on this
week’s topic.
• Essay topic: our dependence on the use of oil
and oil produces such as coal and natural gas.
– Includes in you discussion the issues involved in

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