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You are the nurse receiving report on your patient that was admitted
as an emergency earlier in the day. A 64-year-old female underwent a
right colectomy. The right side of her colon was removed due to cancer.
She has a history of smoking & no other health problems. She is
currently being transferred to you in PACU. She has a midline incision
with a Penrose drain, a stab wound w/ a Jackson Pratt drain to incision.
She also has a NG tube, attached to intermittent suction. She is alert,
riented and can move all 4 extremities. BP is 110/68, Respiratory rate
is 14, O2 stats are at 93% w/ additional oxygen given via nasal cannula.All labs are normal. You are asked to change the dressings daily and
document the drainage. What precautions will you take to prevent this
patient from obtaining a nosocomial infection?Please answer the questions and develop a care plan for a patient
that will be having an elective surgery. Please use the provided format
for building your care plan. You will need to use your nursing reference
materials as you build this care plan.

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