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(1) Email-essay scenario: You are an data scientist working for Salesforce or Netflix. The project in the case you’ve chosen is being launched. Your manager has asked you to meet with the executives leading the project to determine what the project’s goals are. Afterwards you write your manager an email describing:the objective(s) of the projectthe context for the objective (why this objective?)a list of questions you think the data science team needs to answer to make recommendations for the projectRequirements:Minimum 300 wordsMinimum 2 references (can use book as a reference) with in line citations, as appropriateReference list(3) Short answerPrompt: Considering either the Salesforce or the Netflix case, why is data-driven decision making used for this project and what value does it add? (Refer to this week’s reading from the Bartlett textbook to inform this answer.)RequirementsMin 300 wordsMin 2 references with inline citations (one should be an article about the case, the other should be the book)Reference listReading resources:

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