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3 part assignment… All information with due dates are found in the attachment. Part 1 is already late because 2 ideas I’ve submitted have been too complex. Keep the experiment simple. We will not actually have to do the experiment, just explain the process of…..Parts 1 and 2 are ungraded (pass or fail). Part 3 is for grade. I can submit 3 separate requests for the work or we can work out a single price for all three assignments.

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One of the important pieces of how science is done is experiments. You have to opportunity to
do a lot of different experiments in this class. However, all of these are canned experiments
where you are told what to do. How do scientists come up with experiments and decide what to
do? After all, new information can only come from new experiments.
Your task is to create a research plan for a specific issue related to the physical sciences. The
final plan should be about 1-2 pages in length. You do not need to actually carry out your
research plan, so this is an opportunity to think about using research resources like large
telescopes or particle accelerators that would not normally be available to you. You are also
welcome to create research plans that involve large explosions, dangerous materials, or other
sorts of things you would not normally be allowed to work with. The only restriction is that any
resources you identify must actually exist in the real world at the present time, so no trips to
other stars, time machines, or similar items from science fiction.
You probably haven’t created a research plan before. It’s not as easy as it looks. To help you
make progress towards a workable plan, the plan will be created in three steps, described below.
The first 2 steps are graded on a pass-fail basis. If you submit something that will work for each
of the first two parts, you will get a pass. That means you can proceed to the next part with
confidence that is possible. If you get a fail, it means that further work on that part is required
before you can go on to the next section with a workable idea. Your instructor will assist you
with that. Only the final research plan will count towards you course grade: failing, then fixing
things in the earlier stages is just about learning through doing,
Part 1: Selection of a problem to study and an initial hypothesis. (Due April 7th)
a. Select an issue/problem/topic from one of the physical sciences: physics, chemistry, earth
science, or astronomy.
b. Propose an initial hypothesis related to the issue.
Part 2: Review current research knowledge. (Due April 21st)
a. Describe how you could perform a review of current research on the subject/issue.
Identify which UMUC Library/database sources could be useful in your research review.
What criteria will you use in the selection of review sources from the web?
b. Do the results of your research review lead you to suspect that your initial hypothesis is
correct, or does it suggest that you should modify your initial hypothesis in some way? If
so, restate or revise. Are there gaps in the current research that further
research/experimentation/observation might fill and shed light on your hypothesis?
Part 3: Write a research plan based on the results of parts 1 and 2 above. (Graded paper.
Due May 12th)
a. Suggest a plan to test your hypothesis (initial or revised). What data will you study? How
and where will you gather it? What equipment or resources will be needed? How much
time will be needed to gather the data? Are there any confounding issues that might
affect/influence the quality of your data? If so, discuss how might you mitigate these
unwanted effects/influences? Justify all of your statements.
b. Provide a list of UMUC sources that could be used to review this issue. Include a citation
of one article you read.
c. Provide a list of web sources that could be used to review this issue. Discuss why these
web sources would be trusted sources of information on the issue. Include a citation of
one site you reviewed.
d. Suggest how your data would be presented (chart, graph, or table).

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