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3 Partschoose 1 segment from news parodyInquiry question5 sources: 1 reading, 1 peer reviewed, and 3 misc relating to segmnet and inquiry questionAll the guidelines and instructions are attached to the doc below


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W170 Performing the News
Spring 2019
Annotated Bibliography
Total Points:
Due Date:
An annotated bibliography in preparation for Essay 3
Thursday, 4/11, by 11:59 p.m. on Canvas
This assignment has three parts. First, choose a segment or clip from a news parody or
current events-related late night comedy show (The Daily Show, Last Week Tonight, Full
Frontal with Samantha Bee, and The Colbert Report are the most likely candidates, but you
can propose something else that you think is applicable). This should be a segment that
attracted some sort of popular attention after it aired—in the news, on Twitter, on blogs,
etc. Write a brief initial summary and analysis of the clip, discuss how it represents the
topic it addresses, and explain what argument it makes. How does it use comedy to
respond to the news? How does it address itself to a particular audience? Drawing on
any relevant categories of film analysis, how is it put together visually? You’ll provide a
link to video of the clip.
Second, write an Inquiry Question to guide your research. What interests you
about this clip and about the response to it? What question does it raise about the
representation of a topic of popular concern and about how people react to those
representations? Your inquiry question is the first step in formulating your thesis for
your final essay.
Third, locate five secondary sources that you will use to analyze the topic raised
by the clip you’ve chosen and by your Inquiry Question. You will provide annotated
bibliography entries for each of these sources that 1. briefly summarize their contents, 2.
explain their relationship to the topic and to the inquiry question, and 3. sketch their
relationship to the other sources you’re working with. One of the sources should be one
of the readings we’ve done in class. At least one of the sources should be a peerreviewed academic article. The remaining sources will likely be drawn from online
news sites, culture blogs, etc. Be careful as you’re searching to find sources that provide
thoughtful and accurate information.
Criteria for Evaluation:
1. Does the assignment select an analysis-worthy clip, offer an initial analysis, and
provide sufficient information about its context and its construction?
2. Does the assignment provide an Inquiry Question about how the clip represents a
particular topic of public concern?
3. Does the assignment compile a collection of relevant secondary sources, provide an
accurate and thorough summary of each, and address specific points of similarity and
difference between them?
4. Does the assignment adhere to the standards of academic writing, including MLA

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