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Module 14 Assignment:
Post your Topic on Wiki by: Check Course Syllabus.
Paper due date: Check Course Syllabus.
Criteria for the Paper
 The paper must be 5‐10 pages in length, doubled spaced using 12 font print. You also must use
APA format for citation, and have a reference page.
 Please use at least 2 resources for your paper; the text can be used as one resource.
 Your paper needs to be on a topic of recreation/sports management discussed in class from
either the readings and/or the PowerPoint lectures. Check the Wiki login to see if a classmate
has already chosen a topic. I prefer each student choose a different topic.
 You will not need to participate in a discussion forum with your classmate’s that week. You will
have the opportunity to view your classmate’s paper in the discussion forum, but it’s optional to
post it there. Whether you put it in the assignment drop box or on the discussion forum, it will
be graded.
 If you turn in your paper early, please still log into the module the week the paper is due, the
final exam review sheet will also be posted in module 13.
These are some example topics for your paper:
 Human Resource Management
 Quality Services Management
 A specific technology used in recreation or sports management
 Strategic management
 Finance and, or Budgeting in recreation or sports management
 Bureaucracy in recreation departments or Sport Organizations
 History of Associations in Sports Management or a specific sports management association
 Managing Diversity
 Effective leadership styles in sports management
 Laws or policies that directly affect recreation or sports management
 Specific career opportunities in managing recreation or sports facilities

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