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YOU HAVE TO DO A BIBLIOGRAPHY BASED ON THE TOPIC ” What is modern slavery, and how is it represented in A Confederacy of Dunces?” CONFEDERACY OF DUNCES IS A NOVEL! Find Ten reliable sources that are suitable for your research paper. (I am doing a research paper on this topic)Create an annotated bibliography in the same format as the template – link to a template is below:I ATTACHED A COPY OF THE TEMPLET BELOW, USE THAT AS AN EXAMPLE. MAKE SURE TO FIND 10 SOURCES AND DO IT EXACTLY LIKE THE TEMPLET I ATTACHED BELOW.

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Topic: What are some lightning safety tips?
Thesis statement: The health and safety issues related to lightning strikes are complicated, and can
involve addressing structures, water, and people.
Annotated Bibliography
Cooper, Mary Ann. Lightning Injury Research Program. University of Illinois at Chicago, This is an educational site with research information, tables, and
charts. The links on the left side lead you to related links and to research articles. Some of the
research articles have been previously published in medical journals. Some of the articles
contain bibliographies. The dates of the material on the site range from 1995 through 2003.
The author is an MD employed by the University of Illinois at Chicago. I found no
grammatical or spelling errors. The source seems credible, reliable, and objective. The layout
of the site is uncluttered. There were no pop up ads or advertisements. There is a Contact Us
option with an address, e-mail, and phone number.
Hill, David. “Preventing Lightning Strikes.” American School & University, vol. 71, no. 11, July
1999, p. 55. Academic Search Complete. This is an article in an educational journal. It is
written by David Hill, Director of Facilities and Operations, Blue Valley School District in
Kansas. Hill appears knowledgeable about developing a lightning safety plan for educational
institutions. This is a concise article that concludes with a link to another comprehensive site
on lightning safety for institutions. This article seems reliable and objective and is from a
reputable periodical in the education field. It was written in July 1999.
Holle, Ronald L., et al. “Deaths, Injuries, and Damages from Lightning in the United States in
the 1890s in Comparison with the 1990s.” Journal of Applied Meteorology, vol. 44, no.
Name 2!
10, Oct. 2005, pp. 1563-73. Academic Search Complete. This is a scholarly journal article
with graphs and illustrations. The lead author has been a research meteorologist for the
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration since the 1960s. Because of the author’s
credentials and the fact that the article is published in a scholarly journal, it seems credible
and reliable. The date of the article does not detract from the information presented.
Mullen, Leslie. “Human Voltage: What Happens When People and Lightning Converge.” NASA
Science: Science News, 18 June 1999,
essd18jun99_1/. This federal government Web page is from NASA Space Science News, a
website that includes articles about NASA related research. The article includes statistics, and
quotes experts from the National Severe Storms Laboratory, the National Weather Service,
and the National Lightning Safety Institute. The graphics, pictures and occasional sounds of
thunder made the site interesting. The site layout is clean and easy to navigate, and adds to
the usability of the site. No dead links were found. The sources seem credible and reliable,
and there is a bibliography. The article was written June 18, 1999.
“Lightning Safety.” National Weather Service. United States, National Oceanic and Atmospheric
Administration, National Weather Service, 2009,
This is a government site on the topic of lightning safety. The site is comprehensive and
covers topics such as the science of lightning, indoor and outdoor safety, and the medical care
of lightning victims. Photos, video clips and other graphics make the site interesting and easy
to understand. No spelling or grammatical errors were found. All articles appear to be
credible and objective. There is no update information on this page. This was the most
comprehensive site on all aspects of lightning safety and included extensive links to other
sites. There were no dead links found. There is an address provided along with links for
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