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1. The research problemThis is the summary of business problem and qualitative research you have done in Week 2-4. You should provide brief overview of your earlier research findings of qualitative study that contribute to this quantitative study.a) BackgroundProvide a short description of the context of the business problem. Brief the qualitative research findings that lead to the recognition of business problem. Conduct secondary research if necessary.Where Progress Report A helped you to understand what was going on, You must clearly identify the relevant student’s name and SID in each section of your report. Failure to do this will result in marks being withheld. For example, if each student is responsible for a section, then that student’s name and SID should be typed alongside the relevant heading. MKTG202 2019 S1 1Department of Marketing Faculty of Business and EconomicsProgress Report B is your plan to understand how much it is going on. Examples: now that you have learned what criteria people use to judge MQ-branded merchandise, you can design and present alternative options to people to work out which is likely to be the best: “Which of three MQ-branded t- shirt designs should the MQ shop sell?” now that you know the motivations for driving to campus instead of taking public transport, you can ask, “How much should be charged for on-campus parking that will limit demand to manageable levels?”b) Statement of the Research ProblemClearly state the research problem and explain its importance (why should the decision marker care about this problem?). Explain how answering this problem can help solve the business decision problem (e.g., what is the sales/profitability that answering this question could impact?)All the work must be originalTurn it in report is required

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MKTG 202 Marketing Research Report A
Build a Better MQ Food Court
Author: Chenxi Yang 44412649
Group B Tutorial Wednesday 16:30
Group Member:
Weilin Zhu, Kristina Renee Polidoro, Robert Jutrisa,
Bohaoyong Zheng
Build a Better MQ Food Court
Dieting is very important to all of us. More and more people are concerned about
their diet. By investigating the Macquarie University food court, we aim to have
some deep understanding of the school cafeteria for these students. Is the food
court of MQ university the best choice? If not, then what should they do to make
everyone more willing to eat at school? We are going to explore:
-How was your experience at the hub?
-What factors influence your decision to eat at the hub?
-Are u satisfied with the food options there?
-What prevents you from eating here and entices you to go elsewhere?
-What can the hub do to improve your experience and/or entice you to go there
more often?
We choose in-depth interviews. The benefits is that we can understand more details
through open-ended questions, rather than generally saying or no, because if we
consider using focus groups, one drawback is that some people don’t like to talk, the
information will be scarce.
There where 25 respondents from university of Macquarie: 10males and 15females,
10 domestic students and 15 international students.
The informal interviews were started from 13:30pm to 14:45 at the MQ library in
March 13, each respondent had 15 minutes to answer five open-ended questions about
build a better Macquarie University food court.
According to all the five people interviewed, most of them had more concerns on
the variety of the choice of food and the convenience of facilities. Especially the
facilities, seats and tables provided by cafes cannot satisfy the amount of
students who diet there at all. Most of them are forced to eat their food outside
or choose to takeaway. It would be better to help those students who consider of
eating at hub to make decision if university can provide more seats and tables.
Example Comments
Variables / Themes Verbatim remarks
Food choice
Respondent 1:
The choice of hub food is very limited. Only one Chinese
meal can be chosen. This is not enough for international
Respondent 2:
Although there are not enough types in the school hub,
they are quite complete. There are pizza, sushi, Chinese
food, and salads to choose for.
Respondent 3:
If the hub can add more other cuisines, such as Thai
food, Malaysian food, etc.
Respondent4: The food is very limited, the flow of
people is very large, and each queue has to be queued
for a long time.
Reapondent5: There are very few food choices. Too
many fast foods make me feel that I am not eating just to
complete the task.
Food taste
Respondent1: The food from the restraint is difficult to
swallow,because the dishes are the same every day. I
don’t want to go again after eating a few times.
Respondent2: Japanese sushi is the best choice for me.
Respondent3: The hub is not suitable for my taste. I
prefer like to noodles which is not offered here
Respondent4: They don’t have tasty food and most of
their food is fast food such as chips and nuggets.
Respondent5: The food is not bad, the ingredients are
relatively fresh.
Food price
Respondent1: compared to the MQ shopping center,
hub’s price is cheaper.
Respondent2: for students the price is accessible.
Respondent3: The price is reasonable, usually buy a
meal plus three dishes is about ten Australian dollars.
Respondent4: Although the price is not expensive, but I
prefer to bring food from home or buy bread to eat at
Respondent5: The price is very cheap
Respondent1: The hub has a noisy dining environment.
Respondent2: The environment quite good,Outside is
the lawn Outside is the lawn.
Respondent3: The environment is as not good as old
food court, at least the old one is a real building, and this
is too simple, many facilities are not so complete, the
seating position is not enough, many people often worry
because there is no seat to sit.
Respondent4: Clean and tidy, although the facilities are
simply, but at least clean, there are cleaners to clean the
Respondent5: The environment is not particularly good,
especially in the summer, because the hub is an open
food court, many students in the summer are crowded in
a small space and without air conditioning which is very
hot, and there are various mosquitoes flying around.
Summary and Next step
As the consequence, through this in-depth investigation, we have learned more
about the students’ true reflections on the is easy to see that the inspiration
of students when making decision of where to eat are mostly affected by the food
available and dieting environment. Students who consider eating outside of campus
are mostly because there no place for them to seat down enjoy their meal. And others
who want a different choice of food might also choose to eat somewhere else.
Next Step
The hub at campus could basically provide students a nice, convenient and fast place
to help students deal with their daily meal when they are have some all day classes at
campus. Students would more like to eat at hub as long as there can be more seats
added to be serviced. In addition, the wide range of food provided can also attract
more students to eat on campus. University can really consider expanding the size of
the cafeteria, or consider of building a hall instead.

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