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300-400 Words: MLA FormatActivity to do before you start your essay:UCLA meditation: 5 minutes to think: how are you feeling right now? Any concerns? Any aches or pains in your body? Anything you are feeling anxious about?
Start the meditation/turn off the lights. The meditation is intended to be done in a chair, but you can also lie down as well.
Take 10 minutes to write about the meditation. How are they feeling now? Anything changed?Prompt:How did you feel before/after the meditation exercise in discussion. Use your documentation as a reference. Remember to start your food-sleep journal tomorrow!You might discuss:Your mindset before and after.The level of chatter in your brain before or after.How you felt physically before and after. Your preconceived notions of mindfulness or meditationGradeCriteriaA rangeEntry demonstrates in-depth engagement with prompt and course materials. Concisely addresses prompt by making nuanced connections between course readings, lecture topics, and personal experience. May even pose further questions, drawing out implications of course material in an original way.BrangeEntry displays understanding of prompt. Addresses prompt by making clear (but perhaps general) connections between course readings, lecture topics, and/or personal experiences.C rangeEntry proves student has read course materials and is aware of general questions and themes of class, but may only address the specific week’s prompt tangentially or superficially. Difficult to identify connections entry is making between course readings, lecture topics, and personal experience. Entry may even struggle or fail to meet word requirement.D& belowNo work submitted before deadline or any part of entry violates academic integrity policies. Violation of academic integrity may also result in failure of course and further disciplinary sanctions.

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