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A paper about handling a crisis on media so focus on a single event/crisis and see how a company/corporation or a government has handled the crisis on media.(Six to seven pages- double space & font size 12) bibliography not counted in total words) The purpose of this assignment is to deepen your understanding of academic research design and process. For this assignment, you have to conduct a literature review on the topic that you have selected (and approved by me), choose the appropriate research methods and present your data gathering plan. Your research proposal should be five to seven pages–double-spaced pages with standard margins, a “Works Cited” (MLA) or “References” (APA) page(s).The “Works Cited” (MLA style) or “References” (APA style) is essentially keyed to your actual citations in your text (If you need help with references and in-text citation, you may consult the Library website or a librarian). In order to keep your paper to only five to seven pages, try to think that you should think of your topic as a question to be answered. When writing your paper, keep in mind these four parts: Introduction – including the purpose and importance of the studyLiterature Review –a survey of the theory and research related to the problemMethodologyData Collection Plan A passing paper must address all these four parts and cite at least 6 relevant sources. Not encyclopedias or dictionaries or Wikipedia should be used.

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