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1. Written paperResearch an influential classical music subject that you like. You can opt to research a person including performers, composers, patrons, reviewers or producers. You may also choose a topic like an instrument or musical device that had a signification effect on the music world. Another option could be a place that has made unique contributions to music, i.e. Vienna, New Orleansa. 2-3 pagesb. Size 12 double spacedc. Include types of works (vocal, instrumental, chamber, etc.) background information, influences, or who the artist influenced.2. Musical samplea. 1 music sample on CD, DVD,MP3, youtube, etc.b. Discuss this musical example in your paperThink about style, time period, background of artist/performer, influences of the creator and how he/she changed music. Your topic must be related to the classical music genre.Make sure the recording and the paper are related together.This paper should be about Ludwig van Beethoven’ Symphony No.5

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