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*My frame Structure*My company (( Baba johns pizza))What is the chain of command at your store? We are a franchise, so we have the CEO of the domino store and district managers and higher up. General (GM), assistant (AM), and one shift leader (SL) and then drivers and cooks.Excessive Autonomy vs. Excessive Interdependence (too loose v too tight)? There is a lot of management with domino’s and papa johns. Dominos is more financial. But it’s a little interdependence, there isn’t much different between GM AM and SL job dutiesHow is the top-down approach? Papa johns it is very easy to talk and beyond papa johns there is not a need to communicate to higher managers. But the GM would have to do it.Vertical coordination (Very planned and organized) v. Lateral coordination (less formal, simpler, and quicker with meetings and sharing information)? I think it is technical vertical when our new GM starts a month ago but plays out now more as a lateral. So, who tells you who is higher up is what you’ll do.How is the hierarchy for the business (think blocks)?GMAS – SLEVERYONE ELSEDo you have any contact with the Headquarters? Or higher management? If there is a sexual harassment complaint or an extreme situation than yes. Other than that, the GM takes on the problems.Do you think that the company changes frequently or stays the same? Stays the same. Very stagnant.Additional notes from questions: There has only been one meeting and it runs smoothly, and the business pretty much runs itself. They talk one on one if someone is doing something wrong. “Trial by fire or trial by meeting”. GM talks to higher up but not usually lower workers (cooks and runners). Rare: if busy they’ll make a pizza to say good job to employees. We don’t have a target, especially on the city being weather ford, oklahomaHere is my quastions to the manger in local store and I need you to write 3 pages about it and please focus in my frame witch Structure and please choce easy words ……

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