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Answers should be 50 -100 words required for each question.
What are the two notable drivers of change in the international logistics services market ?
Overall, for a logistics operation to be successful, on a global scale, two main criteria must be satisfied. Identify the two criteria.
What is the key to the operation of multi modalism ?
Frequency of service is a key factor in the global logistics operation. Explain why.
List the 5 key factors in a Transport Mode(s) Trade-Off.
Define benchmarking and discuss what it embraces.
Identify the benefits of the logistics operators task.
Discuss a key factor in the twenty-first century global logistics environment.
Discuss why days-in-inventory is an important part of the cash conversion cycle.
What has logistics become in the twenty-first century ? Name two points that support the need to have in place a structure/environment to monitor and respond to inadequacies.

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