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1. Answer 2 review questions and 1 business discussion questions. Each answer should be at least one paragraph. Outside sources are required to back up your answer. For example, when discussing whether a company can use other’s trade secret without permission? The expected answer should reference relevant law to further support the discussion. For instance, Uniform Trade Secret Act with 1985 Amendments (UTSA). Plz also list the links of the website where you find the sources on the reference list.2. Reply to two peer’s post with critical but polite comments.3. Plz do not use answers on chegg, coursehero etc.

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Chapter 12 : International Law
Question 8
Licenses or Franchises
(a) How should a licensor protect its investment in a foreign country?
(b) Is licensing a less risky approach for the seller than direct foreign investment?
Business Discussion
XYZ Company is a U.S. firm that makes communication software used in a variety
of consumer goods manufactured and sold in the United States. XYZ recently learned
that one of the manufacturing firms it supplies, ABC Company, is exporting finished
goods to a country where U.S. goods and component parts are prohibited because of
numerous conflicts with the U.S. government.
Does XYZ have any moral or legal responsibility in this case?
How should XYZ protect itself under these circumstances?
Should American business practices be impacted by conflicts between

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