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A three-page paper reflecting on new knowledge and strategies learned from the weekend immersion. (Note: three pages is 950 words, double-spaced, Times New Roman or Arial 12-point font.) please follow the instructions carefully.I attached the instractions and the course idea.Thank you

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KSB-101: Business Professionalism
This course provides sophomore business majors with an understanding of employer
expectations, workplace values, and skill development as they pertain to professional behavior
throughout their careers. With an emphasis on self-management and practical applications of
business knowledge, students learn about career development and decision-making, customer
service, corporate governance, negotiation, respect for other, teamwork, professional conduct
and etiquette, personal brand management, time management, interpersonal communication,
leadership and public speaking.
Upon successful completion of this course, students will:
1. Demonstrate an understanding of the practical and ethical behavior required in the workplace
including, but not limited to, decision-making, managing self and others, communicating with
professionalism and respect, and navigating one’s career.
2. Gain self-awareness of the interpersonal behaviors necessary to function effectively in a
professional, diverse and global community including, but not limited to, teamwork,
leadership, tolerance, and inclusion.
3. Become more aware of the importance of communicating persuasively as writers and
presenters and demonstrate an appreciation of appropriate digital citizenship (from e-mail
to social media). In addition, students will become adept at tailoring professional
messaging to fit a variety of purposes, presentations, and audiences, so they can
confidently communicate with peers, faculty, alumni, and employers.
4. Demonstrate self-awareness of all aspects of career engagement, from incorporating
personal strengths into career documents and conversations to practicing effective
networking techniques. Demonstrate and reflect on their understanding of the non-linear
nature of careers, as well as the role of preparation and planning to create opportunities in
their career path.
What to do: A three-page paper reflecting on new knowledge and strategies learned from
the weekend immersion. (Note: three pages is 950 words, double-spaced, Times New
Roman or Arial 12-point font.)
How: In this paper, you’ll demonstrate what you’ve learned in the course and how you’ll apply
it. The questions below will help with what to include, but you should not submit a paper that is
merely a list of answers in response. Instead, aim for a clear and concise business text that is
engaging, thoughtful, error-free (run it through Grammarly), and includes personal reflections on
who you are, what motivates you, and what challenges you.

For each of the two days, discuss a new insight that you gained. What surprised
you? What will be a personal challenge for you? What would you like to set as a
goal? Be specific. Mention specific ideas, not vague ones. Include quotations and
examples if you have them in your notes.

What ideas about the term “professionalism” did you begin the course with, and
how, specifically, have those ideas changed or developed as a result of taking the
course? What can you identify as areas of professionalism you’ll work to develop in
your time here at Kogod and how, specifically, will you work to improve in those

What, specifically, did you realize about your abilities and challenges with
teamwork, leadership, and communication over the course of the weekend?

What changes will you make in your personal branding, social media, and job and
internship searches? Make sure to reference whether or not you had a LinkedIn
profile prior to this course and updates you made as a result of the LinkedIn/Aspire
assignment. (I have an account before, but it was not good and used Aspire
assignment to make it more professional) What will you do differently in terms of
career readiness as a result of this course and your understanding of your
Schedule event of KSB-101 (Business Professionalism):
First day:
1-Strengths Review and Application (speaker talked about the talents and four domains of team
strength: executing, influencing, relationship building, and strategic thinking)
2-Public Specking and Your Elevator Pitch
Second day:
1-Workplace Cultures and Ecosystems (what I wish I’d learned that took me years to know:
professional awareness and knowledge of the workplace.
2-workplace cultures and ecosystems: “what we wish our young employees know about
professional awareness and knowledge of the workplace (written and unwritten rules; the
speaker also talked about convention).
3-teamwork and leadership in the workplace (speaker also talk about personal branding)
4- working lunch (business etiquette and professionalism).
6-making the most of your digital presence (create LinkedIn account and how strong should be;
picture, summary, education, work experiences).
7- Managing up (the speaker talked about the 5 types of mangers and who to deal with him or

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