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you can choose any topic. u might chose to write on the topic of wealth and power, government, or
justice. Your topic can also reflect the concerns of one of the writers we read; for
example, you could analyze the economic structure of a contemporary society, discuss
wealth distribution, effective governance, civil disobedience, think about freedom in
relation to social realities, etc. You do not need to discuss the topic in terms of the
literature or theory—you just need to further investigate a topic that has caught your
interest. Basically, choose a topic that you don’t know much about, and make a research.RequirementsA successful essay will:
5-6 pages
Be at least 2000-2500 words long

Identify a narrowed topic and develop an argument about that topic (see Swales &

Be well organized and demonstrate coherence through the effective use of topic
sentences and transitions.

Cite 3-5 sources:

o No more than 2 general Internet sources (Wikipedia does NOT count as a
o At least 2 peer-reviewed articles
o At least 1 book
Cite all sources in text and in the Works Cited list in correct MLA format

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