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1. Rules of ethical behavior for multi-national enterprises have been promulgated by several international organizations, including the Organization for Economic Development, the International Labor Organization, and the World Bank. Research a news article or peer-reviewed journal about the role of business ethics and social responsibility in international business. The article must be published within the past five years. You can research a corporation that operates internationally or you can write on one of the international organizations listed above and in your text. Answer in a paragraph or more.2. Also agree or disagree a post to below in 2-3 sentences or more. I researched an article about the activities of food service companies in the area of corporate social responsibility of international fast food chains. The article specifically discusses the McDonald’s food chain and asserts that the food chain has adopted a proactive strategy on corporate social responsibility. The company contributes to CSR by actively taking part in animal welfare, corporate giving through the Ronald McDonald House of Charities, through education scholarships, employment and environmental practices, work with CSR suppliers and provide Corporate Responsibility McDonald’s Reports.

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