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– Need more than 8 scholarly references.- The referencing style we use is the Harvard style, and please do not use fake references.- I hope to get a very high level essay and get a great mark.-All requirements are in the attactchment.

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This assessment relates to the following unit learning outcomes:
(1) explain organisational behaviour theories and concepts across cultures and nations;
(2) describe the importance of an evidence-based approach to management
and organisational behaviour;
(3) interpret organisational problems in terms of individual, interpersonal and group
(4) analyse organisational problems using a number of established theoretical
(5) create solutions to managerial problems through the application of wellresearched organisational behaviour principles;
(6) develop oral and written communication skills.
Individual Written Evidence-Based Essay
Each student will be required to develop an evidence-based essay. To do this, you will need to
collect quality evidence (i.e., research from high quality research journals) and build an argument
to present a response to one of the three research topics posed below.
Given that not all evidence is equally trustworthy (i.e., what your mechanic tells you should invest
your money in is potentially less credible than what your financial advisor tells you) you need to
take a critical approach by selecting quality evidence and demonstrating why this evidence which
you have chosen is more valid or reliable than other sources.
Your evidence-based essay is to be a maximum of 1500 words. There is no additional leeway on
this word count and your work may be penalised if you exceed this limit. Edit 18/03/2019 (for
clarification): This 1500 words includes all words up to the Reference List (i.e. all headings, subheadings, in-text citations and general content up to the Reference List). The Reference List itself
is excluded from the word count.
You are to select one of the following three topics:
(1) When do teams not work?
(2) How to make an effective compensation system that links rewards to performance?
(3) As a manager, what kind of actions could you take to create a positive organisational culture?
Your evidence-based essay will be marked by tutors and moderated by the Unit Coordinator.
Edit 28/03/2019: Formatting Requirements:
– There is no cover page required for this assignment
– Professional presentation is highly recommended (i.e. Size 12, New Times Roman font with at
least 1.5 line spacing).
– Margins should be left as standard from in a default Word document.

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