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4 pages MLA and a works cited page as the 5th page. Some stuff to help you write this you can say is that our group never got into conflict and we are all understanding and willing to help each other with whatever group work needs to get done. Whoever couldn’t make it to class we would always be understanding and let them know what they missed in class and for the group and we would get our work done. You can also say we are going to meet up this Sunday to finish the current project we have. We are good at communicating what needs to get done whenever there is a deadline. Some of the group members had personal conflict in their lives but we always let each other know we are here if they need anything or someone to talk to. I still don’t see anything big that our group needs to work on as a group because we all step up and get our work done and everyone does their part and if someone needs help with something we help them out. Our group has a group chat which we communicate through. Some things about me with the group, I’m always understanding and I always bring up what we need to get done so we can finish our work, I try to take on a leadership role when needed. Procrastination is something that I’ve worked on since the last project, when there’s a group involved I always make sure I get my part done by the deadline. That should help let me know if you need any other information, and the guidelines for the paper is attached, thank you.

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Coms 323
COMS 323 Individual Analysis Papers 1 & 2
To enhance your understanding of the application of the small group concepts we are
discussing in class, you will write two Individual Analysis Papers before presenting each
project in class. You will reflect on your own communication experiences in your group
and also demonstrate how the small group concepts were exemplified in your group as you
have worked on each group project. You will give specific examples from your group’s
interactions using actual group member names as support for demonstrating how these
concepts were embodied in your working relationships. You will expand your knowledge
through using research about these concepts from scholarly sources.
You will submit two Individual Analysis Papers to both enhance & demonstrate your
understanding of how small groups function using 3 class concepts to describe and
explain your experience with your in-class group during work on each project. Each
paper will consist of a 4 page analysis that includes scholarly research to support your
This paper is an individual effort and must be completed by you alone; nothing you write
will be shared with your groupmates, nor will their grades be effected.
You will need to cite at least 2 new journal articles & 1 text citation describing empirical
studies in your analyses. These articles need to be from scholarly, peer-review journals,
which can be found in the Oviatt Library data bases.
Grade Points (85 points @) paper)
Goals: To explain & better understand yourself as a communicator in your group work and your
group’s development & communications using concepts & terms from the class, class notes, &
the textbook.
Format: At least 4 pages of writing, plus a Works Cited page, double-spaced, submitted to
Canvas/Assignments/IAP #1 or #2 with your class #, your name, your group’s name, your
group’s topic, & a Works Cited page.
Organization: You should organize your paper around 2-3 concepts & terms we have
Coms 323
discussed, for example:

#1: Some Overall Concepts from Ch. 1-7
Group Climate
Phases of Group Development
Influence of size
Cooperative & Competitive climates

#2: Some Overall Concepts from Ch. 8-12
Conflicts (use the “Types of Conflict” terms presented in class; not from the textbook)
Decision Making
Problem Solving Techniques
Enhancing Creativity
Important Tips:
1. Analyze your communication competence, style, & your frame of reference
regarding group work, explaining why you communicated the way you did with this group.
Make note of any changes in your communication during work on the project (growth, new
2. Choose the 3 concepts that apply to your group and best describe your
communication interactions.
3. Use the correct terminology we have learned in class and through our textbook.
4. Give specific & descriptive examples of your group’s interactions while working on
this task. Use the actual names of your group members; their grades won’t be
affected, but you need specific examples for a true explanation & reflection.
5. Cite at least 2 articles describing the concepts you are discussing. In addition, use at
least 1 citation from our textbook.
▪ 2 articles must be from scholarly, peer-reviewed journals
▪ 1 may be from our textbook or another Small Group Communication
textbook. (You may also use more textbooks citations for additional
ungraded support.)
▪ Make use of the Oviatt’s data bases to give you the reputable sources
needed. (You may not use articles from our class Discussion Forums;
this is research to expand your knowledge.)
6. Use MLA Style for in-paper citations and your Works Cited at the end of the
Grading: See Grading Rubric for Individual Analysis Paper next page
Your paper needs to be well organized, proofread, & polished.
Coms 323
Your grade will not be influenced by your like or dislike of your group.
You will be graded on how well you apply the 3 major criteria:
1. Analyzed your own communication competence, styles, & frame of reference in this
group, showing your development through this project.
2. Applied terms & concepts from the coursework & made good use of the scholarly
sources showing an understanding of the issues & a reflection of your group’s
working models.
3. Applied descriptive, specific examples using group members’ names to show how these
concepts were embodied in your group’s work.
2017 Grading Rubric for Individual Analysis Papers using Group Work for Projects 1 & 2
Class #:
The student:
Project #:
(possible grade: 85 pts total)
Outstanding Strong
15 pts
13 pts
10 pts
8 pts
0 pts.
Outstanding Strong
10 pts
8 pts
6 pts
4 pts
0 pts.
Analyzes his/her own
communication competence,
style, & frame of reference in
working with this group.
Gives specific examples
showing his/her own
development during the course
of the group’s work.
Presents at least 3 clear concepts
from our textbook, using proper
terms in explanation.
Specifies examples of how these
concepts were applicable to this
group’s work, using group
member names.
Cites at least 2 journal articles &
1 citation from a textbook as
support for chosen concepts
within the paper, using MLA
style & a Works Cited page.
Structures & edits the analysis
clearly, fulfilling the 4 page
writing criteria without
grammar, spelling, &
punctuation errors.
Coms 323

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