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After reading you should be able to:Discuss the universal nature of marriage.Identify marriage patterns in U.S. history.Recognize the changing nature of marriage today.Describe the “marriage premium”.Identify whether marriage benefits everyone equally.Discuss marital satisfaction and success.Summarize the marriage movement and covenant marriage.Define peer marriage. and CohabitationBased on what you have learned in the chapter, what do you consider the most important benefit of marriage? Why? Support your answer. Speculate to which extent the same benefit applies to same sex couples.reply for first student:I believe that, financially, couples are more likely to have a healthy and balanced marriage for the most part of their lives. Couples who marry, also are shown to be happier and together longer with a stronger bond. This stability is shown statistically among happier children with couples that experience financial capability. Social problems are also the least likely to spur amongst married couples, because of the communication that they establish leading up to their commitment.I believe that this applies to same sex couples just as it does with heterosexuals, because it is built on the same ground of law and happiness. Though, the children aspect may differ, it still bares the same meaning for adoptive parents. Same sex marriages do not deter different rights as opposed to straight couples based on sexual orientation. Marriage, regardless on the partner, is more than just a physical union, it also holds maturity, trust, and spirituality as a whole.second student:Marriage life is not a special case. There is no special happiness, no special pain, it is the life of ordinary people. But because of the common generality, marriage life enriches life, and makes our life more hierarchical, more diverse, and more complete. Marriage usually has economic benefits. When a couple marries, other financial issues related to the legality of inheritance can be more easily clarified.Marriage requires sharing burdens and responsibilities, which means that the pressure on the actual situation and emotional problems faced by two people in marriage will be reduced. For example, raising a child is easier for two parents than a parent. In economic terms, two people can share a lot. The second point is that I think marriage is very important: the other half can expand your life radius, enrich your life, fill your weaknesses, and make your days more calm.

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