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400-600 words StoryA corporation has been leading the market in computer sales in both phone and in-store orders. The owner stepped out of the management scene for a while because the company was doing superbly well. Soon, other leading hardware manufactures started to overtake the sales of the corporation through their online sales. The company was facing bankruptcy, and the management decided to meet and reach some salvation from the situation. So when the old owner and chief executive officer (CEO) stepped back into the scene of management, he was consulted to bring the company into the online sales market. A study was conducted using surveys and analysis with statistics. From the study results, a team of consultants were hired to investigate and provide some relief for the company’s very shaky future and impeding life longevity. So with online ecommerce and enterprise system architecture (ESA) revamping, the company found some breathing room. Now you can go to a chain department store to buy the corporation’s product or purchase from its Web site. Results have been great, and the corporation has been able to lead the task of rejuvenating computer sales.Moral of the StoryAs a company, management has to adapt to changes and competition. So if you have that agility and resiliency, you can survive as a company in the world of constant competition. As the old saying goes, “If you cannot beat them, then join them.” That is what the corporation did. The CEO made sure that he shares the online market as well.The example companies, organizations, products, people, and events depicted herein are fictitious. No association with any real company, organization, product, person, or event is intended or should be inferred.AssignmentThe story that you just read shows how difficult it can be to get started with formal enterprise system architecture, particularly if very little attention was given to ESA and documentation of content in an organization. For this discussion, research the library and Internet for information about the evaluation of enterprise systems architecture in organizations, and then respond to the questions. Consider the difficulties faced in the story and how some of these difficulties were overcome.How important is the impact of retailing online? Explain your answer.What steps should be followed to properly evaluate an organization’s future with online sales?Select 1 of the most likely problem areas of an organization’s enterprise content management infrastructure, and discuss how the difficulties could be overcome.

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