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A research about ” How to Become a Great Place to Work”PAPER RUBRIC EVALUATION CRITERIA Overall scoring: 1= unsatisfactory work 2= Barely satisfied required elements; not thoroughly explored/accomplished 3= satisfactorily accomplishes requirements 4= accomplishes all of the requirements in a skillful manner 5= accomplishes all of the requirements in a precise, clear and exceptional way Specific Scoring – Paper/Presentation:(100 Points) Organization:(8-40 Points) 1- Poorly organized, the introduction does not effectively inform the reader regarding the content and organization of the paper. 2- Not well organized and difficult to follow and understand. 3- Content of the paper is written in an orderly manner 4- Good overview of topic area, Good introduction, though it could have been clearer and/or more succinct in informing the reader about the content and organization of the paper. 5- Outstanding paper, exceptionally well organized, advanced level, could not be improved in terms of organization or structure Depth of Topic Content:(8-40 Points) 1-No specific topic area for in depth discussion identified 2-Identifies topic but provides minimal discussion and information 3-Basic discussion of focused topic area 4-More detailed discussion of topic area, demonstrating a clear understanding of recent work in the area 5-Thoughtful, comprehensive presentation of the key issues pertaining to the topic, advanced level information References & Annotated Bibliography:(4-20 Points) 1-Fewer than 5 references, use of texts only, and lack of annotation 2-Fewer than 10 references, old references, majority of text references and/or lack of annotation 3-11-15 references, most recent, few texts (or balanced by other references) and annotations 4-15 or more references, most recent, few texts, and annotations 5-20 or more references, all appropriate, recent, and multipleuseful annotations Narrative: This narrative is used to describe qualitatively the student’s presentation. This is important feedback to the student on what worked well and identifying areas for improvement. Students always value this narrative information. The narrative will be a composite of all the faculty comments received. (typed, double-spaced, one inch margin, stapled once in top left-hand corner) exclusive of the title page and alphabetized bibliography. A research paper proposal is to be submitted on Tuesday, March 19th and should contain a detailed outline and preliminary bibliography

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