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1) Just do Assignment (1.Villager commentary ….. session 6). Under assignments on 3rd page.2) MLA format.3) Should be from my characters perspective. 4) The introduction should introduce my character (myself). Character info provided on the first page.


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Parts of the Essay
I. Introduction
A. Introduction grabs the reader’s attention; quotes, fragments of the action, and
meaningful questions related to your topic are all good methods
B. Set the tone for the essay
C. Thesis statement presents your subject and its significance
II. Body—Supporting paragraphs
A. At least one paragraph for each point you wish to make
B. Organize paragraphs in logical fashion: chronological, emphatic, general to specific
C. Have a strong topic sentence for each paragraph
D. Use good transitional phrases
E. Use specific details to support your points
III. Conclusion
A. Restate your thesis
B. Reiterate your main points
C. Wrap up the essay with something meaningful, exciting, shocking, or otherwise
interesting statement – quotes and provocative questions are good
Even if an essay has all of the above components, it is not complete without serious, careful
revision. Revise based upon the effectiveness of the above elements, and ask yourself some
• Do the paragraphs work together to create a cohesive whole?
• How does what you wrote stand up to scrutiny?
• Is your meaning clear and your wording precise?
• Have you addressed the requirements of the assignment?
• Have you achieved your purpose?

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