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Homework Chapter 8
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What is the difference between an amorphous solid and a crystalline solid?
Using circles, draw regular two-dimensional arrangements that demonstrate low
packing efficiency and high packing efficiency.
Iridium forms a face-centered cubic lattice, and an iridium atom is 271.4 pm in
diameter. Calculate the density of iridium.
Manganese has a body-centered cubic unit cell and has a density of 7.88 g/cm3.
From this information, determine the length of the edge of the cubic cell.
What are the four types of intermolecular forces? Rank them based on their
What is the relationship between polarizability and dispersion forces?
Why are dipole-dipole forces typically stronger than dispersion forces?
Which of the following compounds would be expected to form intermolecular
hydrogen bonds in the liquid state? (a) CH3OCH3 (dimethyl ether), (b) CH4,
(c) HF, (d) CH3COOH (acetic acid), (e) Br2, (f) CH3OH (methanol)
What type of intermolecular forces must be overcome in converting each of the
following from a liquid to a gas? (a) CO2, (b) NH3, (c) CHCl3, (d) CCl4
Rank the following in order of increasing strength of intermolecular forces in the
pure substances. (a) CH3CH2CH2CH3 (butane), (b) CH3OH (methanol), (c) He
Explain from a molecular perspective why graphite has properties that are useful
for lubrication.
What makes a chemical compound volatile?
Predict the order of increasing vapor pressure at a given temperature for the
following compounds. (a) FCH2CH2F, (b) HOCH2CH2OH, (c) FCH2CH2OH
Suppose you have three unknown pure substances that are liquids at room
temperature. You make vapor pressure measurements and find that substance Q
has a pressure of 110 torr, substance R has a pressure of 42 torr, and substance S
has a pressure of 330 torr. If you slowly increase the temperature, which
substance will boil first and which will boil last?
Rank the following hydrocarbons in order of increasing vapor pressure: C2H6,
C10H22, CH4, C7H16, C22H46.
When water is in a tube such as a buret, in which direction does the meniscus
curve? What does this observation say about the relative magnitude of adhesion
and cohesion in that system?
Cylinders of compressed gas are equipped with pressure gauges that allow the
user to monitor the amount of gas remaining. But such gauges are not useful for
substances like propane or carbon dioxide, which are stored as liquids. So tanks
of propane or carbon dioxide are sometimes mounted on scales to allow the user
to see the rate of consumption. Use ideas from this chapter to explain why this is
If you know the density of a material and the length of the edge of its cubic lattice, how
would you determine if it is face-centered cubic, body-centered cubic, or simple cubic?
Would you have to look up any information?
You go into the laboratory to look for a squirt bottle containing acetone. You find two
unlabeled bottles with different colored tops suggesting they are different liquids.
Unfortunately, you have a terrible cold and cannot tell by smell which one might be
acetone. Based on the intermolecular forces, what simple test could you use to determine
which liquid is acetone and which is water? How does this test tell you this information?
How is polarizability related to the periodic trends of elements in the periodic table?

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