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Analytical Research PaperTopic: Hollywood’s Version of Exorcism(some background information)Exorcisms in one of the most misunderstood rituals in the Catholic Church. It is a ritual performed by a Catholic priest to expel demons from a person, or an area that are believed to be possessed. The way Hollywood portrays exorcism can be seen as an over exaggeration. My research will address the comparison of how exorcism is portrayed in the media versus the Vatican conception of exorcism. QuestionsWhy is Hollywood obsessed with exorcisms? What is their version of exorcisms in films?What is the public opinion of these type of films? How does it differ from the catholic version of exorcists?What is an exorcism?Why does Hollywood continue to make exorcism films?What’s the Catholic stance on exorcism horror movies?Are there real cases where Hollywood film sets actually needed help from the Catholic church because they of unexplained stuff happening on set?Are there still exorcisms happening in the US?How does the center of the catholic church (Italy) view exorcism? The paper should NOT be a descriptive report(a collection of facts). Papers will be evaluated on this basis: (1.)Thoroughness & the amount of effort you put into your paper: Have you scoured the archives, plumed the depths, left no stone unturned in your quest to find information pertaining to your topic? This is reflected in the number and quality of references you use & the number and quality of interviews (if applicable); (2.)Astuteness, critical thinking & originality: Have you commented critically on the source material and come up with some new information or ideas about the topic, or are you just regurgitating what others have said? How much thought have you put into your paper? Have you compared and contrasted what others have said and made conclusions of your own? Originality counts. What does it mean to be a gang member? What is the most important key to gang rehabilitation? What are possible solutions to the problems caused by street gangs? Be sure you cite all your references at least once in the body of the paper, and cite each reference in APA style format each time you give information that you got from that particular source. You must have at least 15 references for your paper. The bibliography should appear on a separate page at the end of the paper, in APA style format.

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