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After reading the Flynn article located in your required reading for this unit, you will create an article critique in which you will summarize the contents of the article and respond to the following questions:What is the author’s main point?Who is the author’s intended audience?Do the author’s arguments support the main point?Why is it important to involve U.S. citizens in the development of a homeland security strategy for counterterrorism? How can the U.S. federal government encourage citizens to become a part of the homeland security strategy?Within your article critique, you will also discuss the importance of considering intelligence; border, immigration, and customs enforcement; transportation security; and cybersecurity and critical infrastructure protection when developing a homeland security strategy for counterterrorism including how U.S. citizens could play a role in these specific areas.Your article critique should consist of at least three pages and utilize APA style formatting. Please use at least one additional academic source in addition to the assigned article, and be sure that all citations and references utilize proper APA style.Click here to access a tutorial developed by the CSU Writing Center, which provides tips on writing an article critique.the link is at the bottomResourcesThe following resource(s) may help you with this assignment.Citation GuideCSU Online Library Research GuideSubmit Writing Center RequestIn order to access the following resource, please click the link below:Flynn, S. (2011). Recalibrating homeland security. Foreign Affairs, 90(3), 130–140. Retrieved from… t=true&db=bth&AN=60123119&site=ehost-live&scope=site

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